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Subj: Re: Al Ewing's run ultimately made me realize how much I miss Greg Pak.
Posted: Thu Dec 09, 2021 at 06:21:38 pm EST (Viewed 108 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Al Ewing's run ultimately made me realize how much I miss Greg Pak.
Posted: Wed Dec 08, 2021 at 03:11:18 pm EST (Viewed 109 times)



      I'm not sure why the quote function does not work when I reply to your thread.


        Galactus is not omnipotent. He needs to eat to sustain himself, otherwise he'll die.


          Your fanboy revisionist idea of how Surfer could have broken the barrier is more out of this world than he is.

    -- Feel free to quote me saying Galactus is omnipotent.
    I have not typed those words in this discussion and you really should try to read more carefully.

Here's your exact words..."Odin, Galactus, Celestials, etc. have all been called omnipotent and omniscient by Stan Lee as the narrator."

Check my Battle Boards stats before you come at me with nonsense.

    Regarding the power of Galactus, he IS the metamorphosed embodiment of the 6th cosmos and only has his hunger affliction because he exists in an imperfect state due to having his incubation interrupted per Ewing's Ultimates run.

    -- What fanboy revisionist idea of how Surfer could have broken out of the barrier?

    I presented no alternative ideas I simply said the Hulk posed a much more realistic option for quick power boost for Surfer as opposed to someone like Stranger then laid out the logic behind that rationale.

    I was NOT suggesting Surfer could subdue and drain the Stranger (like he did Hulk), in fact I was suggesting exactly the opposite.
    It's really apparent you're skimming then reacting to my posts more than reading and comprehending them.

    -- You seem to be under the revisionist fanboy delusion that *only* gamma power would allow the Surfer to break through the barrier when that is a totally illogical conclusion and not supported by the story.

    Exceeding the mechanics of the barrier was spelled out in the story if you've ever actually read it which I begin to doubt.
    Hulk's gamma power was **A** way for Surfer to boost his power by enough to pierce the barrier and was never suggested to be the *ONLY* way.

    -- Speaking of revisionist fanboy ideas your assertion that "cosmic" always equates to "cosmic rays" in Marvel is exactly that.

    I think I do get why you argue this position and its all borne out of Hulk bias - a way to rationalize Hulk being "greater" or having more potential than all cosmic characters.

    It must have really stung when Ewing made cosmic energy trump gamma energy, eh?
    I think I get why you *really* hated Ewing's run.

    I still can't wait for you to experience Cates. \:\-D
    I'll be sure to check back in with you in 12-14 months to rub salt in that wound.

Sure thing. I'll await your arrival. Next time, try to remember what you said.



He's... A Misunderstood MONSTER! An INCREDIBLE force! He's ASTONISHING! That's why you don't comprehend him! And because of his...RAMPAGING, the Hater will not tolerate him SAVAGE, INDESTRUCTIBLE, nor his being IMMORTAL!!! Watch out for that Gamma Ray-Burst...The WORLD BREAKER!!!"Only the Hulk could have attempted it! Only the Hulk would have been capable of it! Only the Hulk could have done it!"- Tales To Astonish #063"There is no way to measure his strength! There is nothing he cannot do!"- Tales To Astonish #073"That something -- anything -- could grab hold of an energy field should be IMPOSSIBLE! But the Hulk grabs hold just the same!"- The Incredible Hulk #242"Hulk can do ANYTHING!!! Hulk is mind over matter, mind over energy, mind over mind"- Gamma Ra the Assassin aka Lord Smash'emall - Faithful Member of The Church of Hulk
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