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Subj: Re: Future Quest #1
Posted: Sun May 22, 2016 at 05:08:03 pm EDT (Viewed 418 times)
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Posted: Fri May 20, 2016 at 10:02:23 am EDT (Viewed 504 times)

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Pretty sure this belongs here. It's not DCU.

Anyway, I loved this issue. I want an animated series!

Jonny and Hadji. Race! Birdman. Dr. Zin! AHHH! Ohnoes... why is Space Ghost threatening to destroy the boys?! Nice ending.

This is officially the comic I'm most excited by. I hope DC decides to publish it twice a month!

So did we know from the cartoons that Space Ghost had that traumatic experience depicted in the first few pages?

Birdman and Jonny Quest share the same Earth! How cool!

Did we know Deva Sumadi from the cartoons?

Did Birdman have that cool little intro in the cartoon? "I fly for the glory of RA. The sun is my strength, the sky is my home. To my side, Avenger!"

The new character, Ty, seems an enjoyable companion for Jonny and Hadji. Unfortunately, I think his main reason for existing is the color of his skin. But I like him. And he adds some extra youthfulness to the cast. I'm actually quite interested in the fact that our cast in this story includes quite a few kids. That alone makes this story a rarity. I wonder if Dino Boy will show up!

I'm very much looking forward to Space Ghost, Birdman, and Mightor swooping into action together! Not to mention Bandit, Blip, Tog, and Avenger! I wonder what Bandit will make of the Herculoids!