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Subj: Re: Reading mostly Independents?
Posted: Tue Sep 19, 2017 at 10:22:46 pm EDT (Viewed 666 times)
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    I did a couple years ago. No regrets. I follow 2 titles from Marvel. A few from DC. The majority of my reading is indie work.

Liberating - right? I would feel differently if I thought Marvel or DC were genuinely striving for excellence at the editorial level - but I don't. I think they're cynically exploiting the completists on the one hand, the goofy financial speculators on the other hand, and the scary barely literate on the third hand, while the nostalgia buffs who appreciate the real potential of their favorite fictional universe try to hang on in the face of repeated disappointment. Which is so different from the Marvel of Stan Lee and Roy Thomas. Sure, Marvel has always been trying to make a buck. They're not a charity. If they noticed something was popular in mainstream pop culture, they gleefully jumped on the bandwagon. There's nothing wrong with that, in my opinion. But Stan and Roy and the other writer/editors from that general time period respected their audience. That's the big difference.

    Valiant gets most of my attention. I also get books from Image, Dynamite, IDW and a couple more. It runs the gamut of superheroes to crime noir.

I sometimes find the art in Dynamite or IDW books to be sub-par. The Alterna books I buy are less polished art-wise than Marvel or DC, but they also cost under two dollars so I'm OK with it. What are your favorite Dynamite or IDW books? (I would ask you about Valiant but I see Reverend Meteor has already done so.)

    One new publisher I'm excited about is Lion Forge and their Catalyst Prime Universe. Creating a new line of superhero books with titles like Accell, Noble and Superb. All of these are original, diverse characters without being knock offs of originals. Reminds me of what the Valiant publisher started a few years back so its exciting to be in with both these publishers from the start.
    I'm guessing the book Noble that you are following comes from Lion Forge, too? Really enjoying that one! He's a really sympathetic and dangerous individual that makes you root for him, but wonder if the government agents trying to track him down might be in the right (Just a little bit) just because of how imposingly powerful he is. There's just something fresh about this character and the others Lion Forge is creating while still keeping it superhero themed.

Yup - the Noble book I'm following is the very one you mention. I've been noticing the advertisements for Accell and Superb. Noble has a Bronze Age feel to it, somehow. It makes me think of Moench and Buckler's Deathlok in some ways. The art reminds of me of Bob Layton's Iron Man.

I also get the feeling the powers that be at Marvel have no respect for their audience. So, it was easy for me to leave most of it behind. The Fantastic Four cancellation was the final straw. All of these multiple character rip offs of the original for the sake of diversity just shows a lack of creative ingenuity as well as disrespect to legacy characters and their long time fans. One reason I really love what Valiant, Lion Forge and some of the other indies are doing shows a great deal of diversity and originality. And I am a almost 54 year old, blue collar white guy from the middle of Iowa and can find ways to identify and appreciate many of the great and diverse characters they are creating. I'll get into more of the Valiant Universe when I get some time, hopefully this week, to address Reverend Meteors query with the diligence it deserves.
In the meantime the only thing I am reading right now from IDW is Wynonna Earp. I'm a big fan of the supernatural and Earp is a fun character caught in the maelstrom of it all with a great supporting cast. The original Doc Holiday for one. Another excellent book I was recently following there was October Faction. A family of monster hunters with paranormal siblings and a werewolf family friend taking on all sorts of supernatural predators. A great series from the master of comic book horror in Steve Niles beautifully painted by Damien Worm. I hope that one returns soon.
From Dynamite its all about nostalgia. From the recent Six Million Dollar Man series to Ash vs the Evil Dead to many of the old Gold Key line comic heroes like Turok, Magnus, Solar, Dr Spector; they have all been a lot of fun. High adventure and action from all. Some more serious than others, but all iconic characters. Also from Dynamite the James Bond line that has recently seen a lot of press. Its been excellent. Much in line with Ian Fleming's original darker concept of the character most recently exemplified by Daniel Craig's Bond. Great writing/plot and fine art work from a variety of creators. Red Sonja might be the true best of the bunch from a creative standpoint. Dynamite seems to really embrace some of these great characters from the past like the Shadow (another I've been reading recently teaming up with Batman), Flash Gordon and many more. I think they've found their niche in the comic book market.
I do acknowledge some of the art work on some if these series is less than stellar. The Snake Plissken series suffered from this at times as has Vampirella lately. I did drop her book recently. One book and character that's not steeped in nostalgia for me has been the comic version of the Dresden Files. There again is the supernatural angle. Its written/plotted by original novelist Jim Butcher and while I cannot recall the artist name off the top of my head its been of really good quality. Great characters with high action and energy.
As to Noble and the Catalyst Prime Universe, I see that connection to Deathlock as well now that you mention it. Including the similarity to Bob Layton's art work. Nice catch! I also get a bit of an X-Men type feel from this character. Hunted and on the run with PSI enhanced abilities.

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