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Subj: Re: What Happened With Stane?
Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2012 at 03:20:41 pm EST (Viewed 207 times)
Reply Subj: Re: The Mandarin's Living Ring: Iron Man #512 and upcoming issues
Posted: Sat Jan 21, 2012 at 08:01:27 pm EST (Viewed 30 times)

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I agree with your list... except for Vortex: I think that would be Whirlwind.

The issue wasn't too bad. By Fraction's standards, it was a positive high-flier. We got some reflection on Obadiah Stane (and some possible foreshadowing? Why DID Stane wear that goofy-ass jewel, anyway?) and open hostility between the Mandarin and Ezekiel. Also, more tech besides a "repulsor-powered" (whatever THAT means) car.
Also a nice second cover of "Cyber-Venom".

I have to say, the Mandarin is diminished in my eyes. The Knaufs tried to turn him into so much more than he was - tempered, yet still ruthless. Fraction has completely ignored this development, just as he apparently chooses to ignore the Mandarin having been altered by the Extremis process. Antagonizing a technological genius who is on a par with Iron Man himself and seeks chaos is stupid. Zeke altered his own physiology cybernetically. How long before he manages to disable the bomb? And being aristocratic is one thing, but now he's just being dumb. "This ring is called Daimonic"? A line like that I would have expected in a comic from 1974.

But, you know, somehow I suspect the rings are gonna get a revised origin, too. They're probably made from gems hacked out of the Holy Grail, or something. I am sure Fraction's version will make no more sense.

(Over in Thor, he sweeped Bor under the rug altogether, although HIS story was told less than three years ago - by a far more talented writer).

Didn't we already get his origin? We already know it (Father's suicide, losing his hair \(\?\) , him being ridiculed and getting pissed off,etc.). It was a pretty cool one too. Also, did the Mandarin ever kill or try to kill anybody when Stan Lee wrote him? Didn't he try to start a few wars then? Thanks.