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Subj: Re: Uh, Why Would Manadarin Have Anything To Do With Kraven Character Wise?
Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2012 at 03:33:50 pm EST (Viewed 249 times)
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Okay there's that, I had forgotten that connection. Still, how does making him an Kim analogue make for an interesting supervillain? Especially an arch-enemy for Iron Man? Kim was such a banal little boy, with no real philosophy that I know of. Can you imagine Kim in, lets say, "The Dark Knight"? The Joker there comes across as a kind of High Priest of Nihilism, with a very sharp contrast between his beliefs and Batman's, to the point where the whole thing is a kind of Nihilsm/Humanism debate conducted physically, operatically.

Come to think of it, that's why movie Red Skull fell flat for me. There was something so banal about his evil.

Heck, the reason why Fraction may have seemed to abandon the Kim analogue take is Kim was such a thin brat that there simply wasn't anything left to mine from him past the Annual.

Personally I prefer for the Mandarin to have more in common with Bane and Kraven The Hunter than Kim. I think he should have Kraven's basic philosophy but expressed in a much more ambitious way most of the time.

Leonard seems to want him to think like Doom at his grandest, and by extension like the Paradise Lost Satan. I don't agree, but I'd take it over Kim's utter banality.

Kraven is just a big game hunter who hunts for the thrill and to try to beat Spider-Man or some other hero. Occasionally he'll do it for the money or if he's really desperate, but it's pretty much just the World's Most Dangerous Game (Is that the right story?) to him. Kraven isn't really all that violent and generally tries to avoid killing (Unless he's really pissed.). The characters have two completely different motivations.