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Subj: Re: The Mandarin's Living Ring: Iron Man #512 and upcoming issues
Posted: Tue Jan 24, 2012 at 04:11:25 am EST (Viewed 224 times)
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Not Doom.

Something more ancient and dark, and as always you neglect the rings. You should not.

What was he before the rings? Nothing!

The Mandarin is not just Zhang Qan Qu*, the orphaned rich boy who was raised by his embittered aunt before he lost his possessions to the Communists. He's also a son of Kakaranathara, steeped in their technology and culture, changed by the rings of power. Unlike you so steadfastly support, he is not a human warlord. He may not be a human anything.

And this is why I actually do want to know more about those rings. And about Kakaranathara. Where did those rings come from? Not from the dragons - according to Century, they're destined to always fall into the hands of those who can the most damage with them. And what about the dragons? Were they really just a band of brigands and thrillseekers?
We know that Chen Hsu lives... he appeared in Marvel Team-up.

* In one of the animated Iron Man comics, his name was given as Zhang Chan. It's the only name I've ever read as given to him that sounds like it could be really Chinese apart from Zhang Tong. Unless his birth name should turn out to BE Zhang Tong I am sticking with this. Hey, it's better than Arnold Brock.

The thing is, I find the orphaned aristocrat who burned through all his fiefdom's wealth becoming a certain version of perfect in mind and body much more interesting than kakarantia-dude.

The orphaned aristocratic ubermensche is awesome and loathsome. He shows such incredible determination and perseverance and the end product of his training IS incredible from a certain perspective. At the same time, he's so utterly selfish and narrow-minded, indifferent to all the servants who depended on his fiefdom for their livelihood. I don't find that character to be "nothing". I find him to be someone I want to read more about.

I don't particularly want to read about someone utterly alien. Utterly alien is just another word for cipher, and ciphers are bland.

Therefore the rings work better as simply his first big score and as a visual metaphor for what kind of person he is, since they look a little like brass-knuckles and a lot like pimp-bling.