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Im amazed how fast this has come to being sold out. Last year was 60K+ so I can only imagine the crowds for the 50th...

The PDF is too huge for here - let me know if you have an email you would like me to forward this to, or via facebook.

lol - please do! Being behind a booth prevents me from doing any real gaming, sad to say - I usually just hit the free movies and peruse the exhibit floor before the crowds come and after they are booted out, lol.

Not sure when you arrive - I'm heading out sans wife/son b/c my son starts school the same week - they have a social meet and greet at "The Stink" Wed from 5-8pm in the Union Station Ballroom, FYI.

YES - I think its great to see super hero gaming alongside the standard Sci Fi/Horror/Fantasy stuff. The cosplay parades are wild - last year they had a husband/wife duo dressed up as the movie Iron Man and movie War Machine - they must have spent mondo $$ b/c the suits looked just as real as the big screen versions.

Guess I am a doofus I see email...but don't see how that sends you an email.

Must drive you much good stuff and cant get out to see it much. Even us free floating all conners still miss so much.

I get in Wed afternoon and staying through Sunday. My girl will lkely spend most of her time at the crafts and "learn to do this" sigh-ups.

For like gen 47 I saw a whole group of people looking like zombie TC cameramen and reporter...they looked great.