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Subj: Re: It would be a perfect opportunity for the Mandarin to destroy Tony Stark & plunder Stark Industries from within ...
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Reply Subj: It would be a perfect opportunity for the Mandarin to destroy Tony Stark & plunder Stark Industries from within ...
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... since the Mandarin has been presumed dead since December 2012.

In September 2013, Arno Stark is suspiciously (re)introduced on Earth-616 as the biological son of Howard Stark instead of being the future son of Morgan Stark.

Morgan has tried for decades to take over Stark Industries and Arno might inherit the company in the future. Morgan worked for the Maggia (Count Nefaria & Big M) and then Mordecai Midas & Madame Masque. Morgan once used a visio-projector to make Tony hallucinate and think he's seeing aliens. Andros, another relative of Morgan & Arno, also became a supervillain in the future.

So, just like Morgan used to work for supervillains, Arno might currently work for Mandarin.

Mandarin has the technological know-how to program and control a dysfunctional Rigellian Recorder.
You'll also notice that Amanda rhymes with Mandarin.
And, when Mandarin started his career, he used to be obsessed with the legacy of his lineage (his dead parents, his aunt and, last but not least, Genghis Khan). So, he might have decided to deprive Tony of his inheritance.

Mandarin used to "play chess" against Tony Stark but, since his "death", he might have decided, instead, to play a complex "Go game" against his archenemy.

A weird theory :
It is even possible that "Arno Stark" is actually an alias. The current "Arno Stark" might be the result of the Extremis virus on the Mandarin or one of his minions.

Currently, Arno is ... Mandarin City's new custodian. The current name of the city is ... Troy (as in Trojan Horse ?).

The city was attacked by the new bearers of the Mandarin's rings (smoke & mirrors ?).

What if Arno Stark is the true Mandarin, reborn since the conclusion of Iron Man Vol 4 #28 ?

The Fraction Mandarin might have been a decoy from the beginning.

Your theory make a lot of sense.

I reread these stories recently because I recalled an interview with Gillen, where he said that he was warned that Tony would be turned into the "Superior" Iron Man. So he planted on issue # 17, the seed for that story in case he decided to continue to write the book when the character had to take that course. And it was exactly in issue # 17 that Arno Stark first appeared.

In that issue, in the message recorded by Howard Stark for Tony, there is an important contradiction with that other recording that 451 showed to Tony in the previous storyline.

In issue # 17's message, Howard states that 451 implanted into the fetus a killer switch that would kill the boy when he was 30 years old. But why would 451 do that, if he needed Tony to pilot the Godkiller for all eternity? That makes no sense. I believe this is something that could be used to nullify the adoption storilne. Could, but never will.

Because Bendis has already retconed out of existence almost all of Gillen's stories, when he completely changed the circumstances of Tony's adoption in International Iron Man.

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