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Subj: Re: Invincible Iron Man (2016-) #594
Posted: Sat Dec 02, 2017 at 04:09:00 pm CST (Viewed 241 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Invincible Iron Man (2016-) #594
Posted: Thu Nov 30, 2017 at 12:22:49 pm CST (Viewed 286 times)

    It is almost as though someone challenged Bendis to write the worst comic ever and he said "hold my beer." This comic keeps circling the drain but never goes on in.

I decided to buy the last few Bendis issues so I can be caught up for the post-Bendis regime. I knew I would find the writing incredibly bad but decided to grit my teeth and bear it. What I don't understand is how this man has such a huge following. Everything he writes is amateurish at best.

    If you remember, our erstwhile characters held a party, purportedly to honor Tony Stark, highlighted by a 15-year old girl who arbitrarily decided to overthrow a country. Also, a member of the Stark Enterprise's board warns Pepper, I mean, MJ, that their out of bounds. Oh, and Tony Stark's body is missing.

Where is Pepper, by the way? I checked Wikipedia but the last update simply says she resisted Captain Nazi during Secret Empire.

    We start with Riri asking/threatening Doctor Doom. I know they're write it as though she can, but it is laughable to think she really could. We're talking about one of the smartest and most ruthless men on the planet. The very idea that Riri could take him on is laughable. But I digress.

"Fair warning... I'm coming." I actually burst out laughing. So then, after saying that, she doesn't even know how to get the message to Doom - and her A.I. doesn't either.

    The, we have the Stark Girl Power team walking out of a SE building with Amanda Armstrong complaining that the SE employees had one job and they failed. First, when did Tony Stark's body end up with SE? Last time I remember, he was left with SHIELD. Meh

    They're confronted Hijack who tells them that he's been hired by Stark Industries Board of Directors to turn over the armor and get off the property. The SGP refuse and Hijack goes after Riri with his ability to control cars and planes.

Only cars and planes - not armor. Weird. Especially since the armor basically is a plane.

    Bear in mind that he's in the right here. The SGPs are in the wrong. The armor does not belong to Riri, Amanda Armstrong is not an employee, and MJ was, as best, a PR person. The fight is "resolved" by Hijack leaving himself exposed to a personal attack from MJ's mace. And then, he's assaulted by Amanda Armstrong.

I thought Riri built her own armor.

In any case, while I agree with your basic viewpoint, I don't think attacking people with cars and planes is ever legal except maybe in self-defense.

    Next, we see MJ and Amanda burst onto an SI Board Meeting where Amanda attacks the Chairman with a guitar and declares board meeting over.

That scene was ridiculous. Is stupid stuff like that the reason Bendis has a huge following? I mean, wow, Amanda as El Kabong. (See pic below.)

    Now, bear in mind that Riri, MJ, and Amanda are 100% in the wrong here and probably committed several crimes, including corporate theft. Remember, Amanda was a mediocre musician until Tony Stark found her and now she's living in the lap of luxury. The board has every right to take control of the company.

At least now, after reading the issue, I know who Amanda is. She apparently is Tony's biological mother. But why we're supposed to find her sympathetic is unknown to me at this point.

    Riri shouldn't even be there. For a corporation, she's a huge liability. Because she's a minor, she's not responsible for her actions. But, since she's wearing the SI Iron Man armor, purportedly with their consent, SI becomes 100% responsible for her. This is a level of negligence that could approach recklessness, which would include punitive damages. Remember that little stunt in Latveria? Well, Lucia von Bardas could sue Stark Industries for all of that.

Good points. I didn't realize until reading this issue that Riri was a minor. I thought she was college age.

    None of this is rocket science and fairly obvious. You never let anyone who can't even get a driver's license have access to the most advanced battle suit on the planet. It doesn't matter how smart they are; they still lack the maturity.

It would be exactly like the Air Force letting a minor fly a fighter jet.

    I also love how Amanda has such a "deep connection" to Tony Stark. Exactly where was this connection for the past 40 years? Remember, she gave him up because she didn't want to deal with having a kid. And she did it in a Bulgarian orphanage. She didn't even have the decency to come to the US to give him up.

Yeah, I really don't see why we're supposed to see her as sympathetic.

    Of course, we paper over this because ... reasons.

Because Bendis.

Meanwhile, some of the dialogue was cringingly bad.

"Oh, you!" said the A.I.

"Go blow up some expensive helicopters ya crazy kid," said the A.I.

"Face it Tiger... you got maced!" said Mary Jane.

"Oh, snap!" said goon number one to Doom.

"Oh... snap..." said goon number two to Doom.

(Who even says "Oh snap" any more? Or ever? I used to know one guy who would say it.)

The dialogue of the goons after Doom flees is so awful I can't begin to do it justice. Nobody talks like that. Except in stupid Adam Sandler-type comedies.

Wait. Maybe that's it. Maybe the people who like Bendis are also fans of Adam Sandler. I hate Adam Sandler.

I think I'm onto something here!

"No. See this? That's Keith Moon's tooth," said Amanda.

It's so much easier to put up with this childish, amateurish writing now that I know Bendis is leaving at last.

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