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Subj: Re: Revisiting ToS #77...
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Blurry images from eBay jpegs, today, of Tales_of_Suspense #77 (with images from ToS#70 on top of each snapshot pic):

Blurry is better than nothing, eh. Here's the wikia entry:

In a... wait it... nutshellhead...

pg1 Mandarin threw Tony's suitcase with is suit of armor in the moat and claims to be creator of Ultimo.

pg2 Mandarin brags of secretly building Ultimo in a dead volcano by combo of mysticism and mech.

pg3 Mandarin claims Ultimo absorbed more power than he calculated and that it's become an "artifical life" form.

pg4 Mandarin escaped the destruction caused during Ultimo's birth.

pg5 Mandarin monitors as Ultimor wreaks havoc on Red Troops then Power Blasts Stark with a ring as he snuck off to recover his suitcase.

pg6 Stark intentionally falls down exit stairs and the overconfident Mandarin leaves him to suffer his fate not realizing Tony's chest plate protects him from the tumble.

pg7 Ultimo approaches and Tony jumps in the moat to get his armor.

pg8 Ultimo engages another cadre of Red Troops and Tony is unseen underwater.

pg9 The living behemoth fires disintigrating eye beams at the troops as Iron Man arrives on the scene.

p10 Shellhead engages the giant as he strategizes (with marvelous use of thought balloons!).

p11 Meanwhile in Washington, a Sen. Harrington subplot continues as he closes down Stark Industries. And the cliffhanger panel shows that Ultimo holds IM in his deadly grip!

It was a fun adventure from forever ago.

Next issue:

Here's a couple of the Cap story pages while links last:
KIRBY, JACK / JOHN ROMITA (signed)- Tales Of Suspense #77 pg 1, Captain America Splash 1966

Tales Of Suspense #77, page 10

I miss Dad & Dan.

Tales of Suspense has always been my go-to for how Tony and Iron Man should be depicted. I especially love the very earliest issues, when the armor was gray and then golden, though I acknowledge the superiority of the later more form-fitting designs.

Ultimo and the Mandarin made for an excellent story. It interests me how Stan had a penchant for giant robots. The Red Skull had the Sleepers, for example. I actually wish there were more Sleepers, with the next one revealed in a new, modern story arc, with the protagonist being Iron Man. I would love to think there were many more, each one worse than the last, each one programmed to activate on some specific future date. It would give Tony his own "Oh no it's Galactus" type story. One could argue that Cap should have this story, but there comes a point where Cap couldn't fight these things any way. He'd have to call in the Avengers. Iron Man could actually fight these things himself, though the battle would be harrowing every time.

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