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Subj: Re: Favorite Iron Man villains?
Posted: Sun Dec 24, 2017 at 11:18:15 am EST (Viewed 63 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Favorite Iron Man villains?
Posted: Sun Dec 24, 2017 at 07:44:30 am EST (Viewed 61 times)


      Is you had the opportunity to re-tool or re-imagine any of those villains for today, how would you do it?

    I won't address the Mandarin as we just had a long thread about him.

I've actually been thinking quite a bit about the Mandarin, and what I think could be a cool way to re-tool him (or a more interesting way to use him) has come to mind. Maybe I should wait a while since like you said, we've just had a long thread about him.

    Titanium Man could be Tony's arch nemesis without much tinkering. Drop the Cold War context as Marvel's marketing department opposes it. Keep the armor and make it equal to the Hulkbuster armor in terms of brute force yet more efficient in terms of power usage. (This should irritate the heck out of Tony.) Make the man inside the armor obsessed with sabotaging Stark whenever the opportunity presents itself. (Perhaps Tony fired the guy a long time ago for an ethics violation. Something along those lines.) Make him a genius inventor who was motivated by the firing to become a super-successful capitalist in his own right. His evil plots are always directed squarely at sabotaging Stark. The rest of the time he's engaged in legitimate business ventures.

    Frankly, I would make the Crimson Dynamo a flunky of the Titanium Man. He should be sincerely loyal to his employer for some personal reason like, say, his employer provided the funds that allowed his daughter to survive a terrible illness. He's essentially the Titanium Man's Jim Rhodes. The Titanium Man designed and built the Crimson Dynamo armor.

That sounds like a possibility. I especially like the idea of one being the sidekick of the other one.

    The Controller and the Spy-Master don't need to be retooled. They just need to be used in fun and exciting ways. The Spy-Master would often be employed by the Titanium Man directly against Stark.

Those sound possible. BTW being used in new and exciting ways counts as being re-tooled IMO.

    The Melter should radiate a field of inert matter-melting power instead of firing bolts. That same field should dissipate energy attacks, stun biological systems, and let him levitate a foot off the floor. Thus the Melter should be able to just walk into a place, destroy whatever he wants, and then walk out, unstoppably. He would often be employed by the Titanium Man directly against Stark.

    The Unicorn I wouldn't bother with in the Iron Man mythos going forward. I really only liked him for how his code name interacted with his power set. As a matter of fact, I think the next incarnation of the Unicorn should be a hero. He should earn his place as an Avenger and live his entire fictional existence as a member of that team thenceforward. He'll never be popular enough to headline his own book but that's perfectly fine. The Avengers should have some regular members who don't have their own books. These are the characters most of the drama will be built around.

      I'm a fan of old school, but it means something slightly different in my head.

    What does it mean in your head?

In my head, old school means how they work, more than just who they are. Like wanting to use very old school combat techniques; An old school monarch might look like Game of Thrones monarchs, etc.
The Mandarin in particular should represent old school, and be in contrast to Tony Stark representing new school.



        Doctor Doom (whom I would love to see return to arch-villainy with Tony as a major antagonist)

      I like him as an occasional antagonist, but he's already the arch enemy of someone else.

    Well, yes, if Reed returns, then Doom should be Reed's arch-nemesis.

I think Reed will return soon, now that Disney seems to be getting the movie rights to the FF.


      I feel that any plotter or writer who comes to the Iron Man books, needs to make updating Shellhead's rouge's gallery a top priority.


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