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Subj: Re: Iron Man #595...
Posted: Thu Dec 28, 2017 at 10:49:06 pm EST (Viewed 185 times)
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    I get the feeling this book is simply made up of whatever pages were already drawn for both titles, because the two storylines - such as they are - have nothing to do with each other.

I was so baffled by one portion of the story.

    Doom visits dr.Amara Pereira, she points a gun at him, he realizes she is pregnant, he leaves. He turns up in Latveria where he is held at gunpoint yet again, this time by who else than the Hood - who for some reason seems to be Bendis' favorite villain, because he just keeps coming back in books written by Baldy McFatface no matter how often you flush.

And Doom blew him up, right? Is that how you interpreted that last panel of the sequence?

    Meanwhile, Riri has a snappy exchange with the Tony AI, her armor starts to malfunction and she lands to find her garage is being cleaned out by corporate goons on the payroll of Stark Industries (or whatever the company is called these days), which is currently being taken over by its board of directors. Riri manages to stop the whole thing by threatening to go to the media.

I wonder if Bendis will actually resolve this sub-plot by the end of the arc.

    A completely hairless guy wearing the old armor while in a fetal position has a heavenly vision where he calls Amanda 'mom' - a moment which made me momentarily hate Bendis even more than before - and is celebrated by all of his friends, including Rhodey (you know, the armored hero who was killed very nearly off-screen by Bendis).
    The hairlessness, it seems, is the result of his body 'rebooting' itself, and apparently it was a one-off solution and oh boy, even the technobabble sucks.

I did not understand that scene at all. Not in the slightest. Did it even really happen? Any of it?

    Anyway, Riri, Amanda, MJ (what is her function in the story again?) and Friday suddenly realize that only Tony Stark could know where he is, and collectivelt give AI-Tony the stinkeye as he admits that he knows where Tony is but that nobody asked.

Remember, this is Bendis, one of the most popular writers of this century so far. Pretty frightening, no?

    In other words, a fat lot of nothing.

Decompressed storytelling. Somewhere in the middle of every arc, Bendis will tread water. In this issue we saw him treading water.

    I just hope that whoever comes after does an actual reboot, because there is no salvaging this stuff.

Actually, since nothing has happened, no reboot will be necessary. I mean, yeah, we've got Amanda, but some writer will probably kill her, and I won't mourn her. (Unlike Warren Ellis's characters, Sal Kennedy and Maya Hansen, who actually interested me, and who were killed for no good reason at all, which irritated me.)

Tony will simply be found. The End.

If any writer is interested in picking her up, Riri will get her own book, titled "Ironheart," which might survive through special sales avenues such as libraries. I can't think of any superhero more obviously designed to inspire young girls and women of color than Riri. She could be a marketing and critical success if Marvel cares to try. I can see a cartoon. Heck, I can see a TV series. I can see a movie. If Marvel refuses to give up on the character, she could gradually be established as a fixture in our culture.

As for the Iron Man book - well, I can say this much: aside from Slott, all the biggest jerks are gone. Bendis was the last of them. Millar, Fraction, JMS, Morrison, Hickman, Ellis, they're all gone. This tells me we might actually get a writer on this book who isn't a jerk. Wouldn't that be nice?

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