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Subj: Re: There is no precedent.
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Reply Subj: There is no precedent.
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    Magneto is still Magneto. Doctor Doom is still Doctor Doom. Ultron is still Ultron. Red Skull is still Red Skull.

    I do not understand the need to divorce the Mandarin from his Chinese background. Do you people think there are no villains in China?

    If anything, double down. Do it right. Show how a truly heartless man would turn out if he were from China and enjoyed the privilegese of his background.

    Mandarin (the poster's) constant hammering on the Mongol aspects of the Mandarin (the character's) character to the exclusion of his Chinese heritage chafes.

So one parent's Chinese (Han?) the other parent is English and on his father's side he's descended from a Mongol?

Maybe they should stop trying to play up either his Chinese or Mongolian roots and just embrace him as a multicultural villain. He's not of the old world like he's always presented. He heralds the coming of the new world where races and cultures mix together.

Ironically his melting pot origin is very...American.