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Subj: Re: Replying to Thuggernaut above
Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 at 09:34:55 am EST (Viewed 256 times)
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    Yes, I agree it is fun that Marvel's Big Three mirror DC's Trinity ! \:\-\)

    If :

    (Superman + Batman = > Iron Man)

    (Superman + Wonder Woman = > Thor)

    (Batman + Wonder Woman = > Captain America)

    (Captain America + Iron Man = > Batman)

    (Thor + Iron Man = > Superman)

    (Captain America + Thor = > Wonder Woman)

    Then :

    (Captain America + Thor + Iron Man < = > Superman + Batman + Wonder Woman) ! (^_^)

I'll have to give all of that a lot of thought.

I think this much is true - making use of the "approximately equal" sign:

(Superman + Batman) ~ Iron Man

Batman ~ Iron Man minus Superman

Superman ~ Iron Man minus Batman

I think I will also say this:

(Superman minus Clark Kent + Krypton Exists) ~ Thor

(Thor + Clark Kent minus Krypton Exists) ~ Superman

Thor had Don Blake for a time, but Don Blake was treated as Thor in disguise, whereas Thor was never treated as Don Blake in disguise. Thor was the completely dominant persona. Such is not the case with Superman. Clark Kent, Ma and Pa Kent, Smallville, Metropolis, and the Daily Planet are all fundamental to who Superman is. Superman is only genetically a Kryptonian. Thor is both genetically and spiritually an Asgardian, the only father he has or cares about is Odin, and aside from the Avengers, the only friends he has are Asgardians.

I'm not convinced we can put Captain America and Wonder Woman into this and really make it work, but I haven't finished processing what you wrote above.

Oh wait! This occurs to me.

(Superman minus Clark Kent + Krypton Exists) ~ Wonder Woman

(Wonder Woman + Clark Kent minus Krypton Exists) ~ Superman

Wonder Woman ~ Thor

I'm treating gender as irrelevant for this particular algebra. In other algebraic equations, gender could very well be relevant.

I still think Captain America may elude this discussion entirely. His fundamental truths are (1) fighting Hitler; (2) being an Avenger; (3) partnering with SHIELD. We would need a DC character (or several) who can access these three fundamentals. The Avengers would of course be replaced by either the Justice League, the Justice Society, the All-Star Squadron, or the Teen Titans. SHIELD would be replaced by - what? Does it have a serious counterpart in DC? DC has secret agencies but they're all dark all of the time. SHIELD had to be infiltrated by HYDRA in order to go all dark. (So of course Marvel went there because Event Comics had completely infiltrated the Bullpen.)

ADDENDUM: I've recently been reading Bronze Age Batman, which of course, in my opinion, is the gold standard, and I'm watching him be a (gasp) DETECTIVE. Len Wein is the writer of the stories I'm reading. Any way, 21st century Batman almost never does detective work, nor is he a detective in the movies, so I had forgotten that aspect. This was an error on my part. Marvel does not have a detective superhero except maybe Moon Knight sometimes, when he isn't simply being nuts. Daredevil beats people up for information, and so does the Punisher, but I don't consider either of them legitimate detectives, though Daredevil would always have made a formidable one with his super senses. Certainly IRON MAN is not a detective. This is important and I was placing no importance on it. Duh.

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