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Subj: Re: On the subject of arrogance
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    Sorry, but it's not quite like that. Tony isn't Marvels Batman. If Marvel has a Batman, (and I'm not sure they do) it would be the Black Panther.

I would say the Black Panther is Marvel's Aquaman. I look beyond the surface stuff like being aquatic. T'Challa is king of a mighty nation that is usually at peace with other nations and he is also an Avenger and often there is tension between these two roles. Arthur is king of a mighty nation that is usually at peace with the surface world and he is also a member of the Justice League and often there is tension between these two roles.

    What Tony Stark is, is Marvel's Bruce Wayne. By this I mean that when he created Iron Man, Stan Lee used what Bruce Wayne pretended to be to the world at large, a character so into himself, nobody should ever believe this self centered man could be a hero. Stan turned the concept on it's head when he showed that what DC thought nobody would believe was capable of more, and then created a hero out of him.

Hmm. OK. So Iron Man is a reversal of Batman. Interesting. But Tony stopped being so self-centered the instant Ho Yinsen gave his life. Does your theory account for that drastic personality change?

    But his methods are vastly different. Hes never used use the night like Batman, or worked to create fear like Batman.

That's surface stuff that I don't think is important. Night and scare tactics, batarangs and bat-ropes, batmobiles and bat-subs, and his dual friendship with Commissioner Gordon (as both Batman and as Bruce) are all just how he gets the job done. Iron Man has his form-fitting fighter jet that he designed in his own mind and built with his own hands. What matters, in my opinion, is that neither was bitten by a radioactive spider or subjected to cosmic rays. They're both self-made champions. Now of course Iron Man has Superman elements as well, due to what his armor can accomplish. What I really should have said is, Iron Man is Marvel's combo of Batman and Superman.

ADDENDUM: I've recently been reading Bronze Age Batman, which of course, in my opinion, is the gold standard, and I'm watching him be a (gasp) DETECTIVE. Len Wein is the writer of the stories I'm reading. Any way, 21st century Batman almost never does detective work, nor is he a detective in the movies, so I had forgotten that aspect. This was an error on my part. Marvel does not have a detective superhero except maybe Moon Knight sometimes, when he isn't simply being nuts. Daredevil beats people up for information, and so does the Punisher, but I don't consider either of them legitimate detectives, though Daredevil would always have made a formidable one with his super senses. Certainly IRON MAN is not a detective. This is important and I was placing no importance on it. Duh.

    BTW, Stan did this for one other hero also. Just like Tony Stark is Marvel's Bruce Wayne, he took the concept of what everyone in the DC world believed about Clark Kent and then created Peter Parker.

I've always thought Peter Parker was Jimmy Olsen as the hero.

    But Tony isn't Marvel's Batman any more than Peter is Marvel's Superman.