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Subj: Re: Why I've always liked Iron Man
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      As for the Mandarin, I did never found him interesting either. I only realized how cool he is, thanks to the posts published in this forum by The Mandarin.

    In fairness, he gradually jumped the shark, so that's understandable. Stan Lee gave him an origin that combined the pathos of The Penguin and Roman Sionis, aristocrats whose parents hated them, with the pathos of X-23, a super-soldier raised to be a living weapon. And then topped it off with the topical darkness of Christopher Columbus style exploration, colonialism, imperialism, and exploitation.

    And then...subsequent writers did absolutely nothing with any of that. Instead they gradually boosted the rings up and up and up, which is absolutely the most boring thing you could possibly do with that character. It's a deterioration on a par with the Batman & Robin version of Bane, a mindless nothing completely dependent on venom to do anything. I'm not surprised you wouldn't be interested in a rings version of Robert Swenson Bane.

That's true. For a long time, the rings were far more important than the personality, when an writer used Mandarin in a story. For example, "The Dragon Seed Saga" is a great story, but today it's not interesting to me anymore, because I realize that its concept is all wrong.