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Subj: Re: also we're glossing over something
Posted: Wed Jan 31, 2018 at 10:39:57 pm EST (Viewed 245 times)
Reply Subj: Re: also we're glossing over something
Posted: Tue Jan 30, 2018 at 10:24:43 am EST (Viewed 252 times)

    She's and SJW Mary Sue fan-fiction Bendis wrote for his daughter.
    Lets see what's wrong with her...

    1)She's part of Marvels forced diversity line. Replace a popular hero with a Diversity knock off who nobody asked for and very few want (look at sales drop).

    2)She has to be portrayed as being better smarter etc then the person she has replaced without any signs for effort or struggle to get there...she just IS...Mary Sue

    3)For being so smart she acts like a total psychotic idiot and people par her on the head and let her get away with it.

    4)She is constantly being justified as the greatest thing since sliced bread by everyone in the Marvel Universe since her appearance despite her crazy antics. Teenage throws fit...of course the adults are wrong.

    5)She hasn't really been shown doing anything intelligent...we are just told she is...and everything is handed to her.

    6)There is no struggle...there is no emotional attachment to her because she really shows no feelings or emotions herself except some anger and self-entitlement feelings.

    7)Her origin is...she wanted to be repressed. Begged her teacher to repress her until she finally said...oh you cant be Tony Stark. And being as mentally unstable as Hank Pym on his worst days THAT is her reason to become a hero?

    8)She may call herself IronHeart...but...what book is it we see her heading? She has replaced him because of Marvels failed false Diversity agenda.

    9)Rhodey was a trusted friend of Starks for years. Riri is some emotional and mentally disturbed teenager who stole from her college and despite Starks constant paranoia his Armor and tech will be misused he just hands it over to this total stranger who all he knows about is that she is a criminal? There was NO buildup...he just handed it over to a complete under aged stranger.

    10)You say below that she's attractive...that shouldn't even be an issue..shes 13, why are they making her sexy...kinda disturbing.

    ...I can go on and on...

Sad thing is, half of what you point out was inevitable because of Bendis's inadequacies as a writer. No signs of effort or struggle... telling instead of showing... no strong emotions except anger or fear... motivations that are unrelatable or which make no sense... out of character behavior... all are classic Bendis.

My one question is - Why do you say she's psychotic? That's a strong word. Did she try to kill someone?

Incidentally, I'd been assuming she was 18. I knew she went to MIT and most people are 18 when they do that. I should have guessed she'd be on an accelerated schedule.

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