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Subj: Re: One of the worst enemies of Iron Man, a well-known name among fans and, yet, often forgotten as one of the greatest foes ...
Posted: Fri Feb 02, 2018 at 05:14:01 pm EST (Viewed 384 times)
Reply Subj: Re: One of the worst enemies of Iron Man, a well-known name among fans and, yet, often forgotten as one of the greatest foes ...
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    But Tony Stark isn't a corporation.

I think he is. In part. Capitalist and inventor. The capitalist is impossible without the inventor and the inventor is impossible without the capitalist. If Tony had never become Iron Man, his entire legacy would be Stark Industries. When Tony Stark was constantly being called to testify in front of Senate sub-committees, they weren't calling him because he invented things. They were calling him because he owned and represented Stark Industries.

Part of the reason the Iron Man comic has often lost its way is the tendency to want to forget the capitalist and focus only on the inventor. But look at Tony. Just look at his face. Look at that mustache. That's the Howard Hughes mustache of a capitalist. In fact the Howard Hughes reference is particularly apt. Howard Hughes was an aviator. Tony is too. His aeroplane is his armor. Howard Hughes was also a great innovator, as is Tony.

If capitalism had a conscience it would be Tony Stark.


      Who does Captain America fight? Most iconically, in my opinion, he fights HYDRA and other such dark reflections of SHIELD. Consider the name of that agency. SHIELD. Consider the fact that Captain America often fought alongside Nick Fury and other agents of that proud entity. Cap's greatest enemies are not individuals. They're evil collectives.

    Captain America is supposed to represent an idea, so his enemies should maybe represent opposing ideas.

And they do, HYDRA most of all. But it's not a philosophy debate. HYDRA is the physical embodiment of might makes right. Cap is the physical emmbodiment of right makes might. That's the real American ideal. Right makes might. That's Captain America's great source of courage and determination. He believes he will win because he's on the side of right. And he wins. Because his body can do what his mind conceives, and because his mind conceives victory when others would see only defeat. HYDRA will throw hordes against him. Cap will beat them all. Partly because his body is better, partly because his mind is better, but ultimately because he truly believes right makes might. The HYDRA goons put the cart before the horse. As they fall like dominoes all around the furious fists of the champion, they lose their nerve, because they relied for courage on their numbers, and they see the inefficacy of numbers against a human dynamo whose courage is self-reliant and a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    Iron Man and Captain America should also be about the individuals at least to the point of figuring where individuals fit into a collective.

Cap and Iron Man care about individuals, of course. But their destinies are bigger than that. They both represent America. That's the other thing the comics lost sight of in the late sixties and never found again. It isn't just Cap who represents America. Iron Man does too.

    Those supervillains would just become hired hands. That would mean, especially in Shellhead's case, the book would be a rich Knight fighting peasants that work for anonymous rich guys.

Super-villains almost always ARE hired hands. I'm not proposing this. It's simply the case. You've got your masterminds and you've got your thugs. The thugs are almost always hired hands. They work for the masterminds. Some thugs are even intelligent and sophisticated. Spymaster gets paid. Taskmaster gets paid. Sure, some thugs are independent. They rob banks. But Tony doesn't foil bank robberies. Neither does Cap. That's Spider-Man territory.

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