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Subj: Re: Iron Man #596
Posted: Fri Feb 02, 2018 at 05:37:31 pm EST (Viewed 204 times)
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    Well, the issue didn't make me long for the sweet, sweet embrace of death, so that's nice.

    For the first time since Bendis began his hell ride, I read two \(\!\) scenes in this book that were pretty passable (by my lights, anyway).

    The book starts out with the scene we've already seen, and which is so god-blasted pointless it's just astounding it's even in here at all.

I actually found the confrontation between Riri and Iron Maiden readable, which is high praise for Bendis. None of it made me nauseous. I liked that Riri decided it wasn't a good idea to smash the neighborhood to smithereens in some pointless super-fight. I also liked that she has backups of the software.

My expectations for Bendis are so low that all he has to do is leave me NOT feeling nauseous and I feel he's over-achieving.

I'm new enough to the book that I had never encountered Riri's Mom before. It was nice seeing her. Seems like mother and daughter love each other.

    Doom is confronted by the Hood (Who is apparently somehow back in business - AGAIN), the Corruptor and an iteration of the Living Laser, but manages to get away by using his oft-forgotten mind control powers - killing the Corruptor in the process. The scene is utterly pointless and relates in no way to the main story, reaffirming to me that these were supposed to have been separate books, but the sales numbers did not justify it.

I absolutely do not care at all about the Doom fight. Waste of paper for me.

How's this for weird narration:

NARRATOR: Victor Von Doom is one of the greatest warriors on planet Earth. None of what just happened should have happened. The Hood, those low level gangsters, should not have even gotten close to him.

Who else but Bendis would write something like that?

    Tony has a heart-to-heart with Howard, who confirms once and for all that he is Tony's father - in any way that matters.

Or at least that's what Tony's subconscious mind decided.

    Amanda, MJ, Friday and TonAI find the warehouse where Tony has been, but when Amanda opens up the armor that's lying on the floor, it's empty and Tony is once again gone. I suspect he is, somehow, looking for Rhodey, and given that Bendis himself murdered Rhodey, we may get a nice surprise some way down the line.

I'm totally bored by the "where is Tony and what is he doing?" plot line. But I'm sure I'll be reading it until May when Bendis is finally done.

    Finally, Riri is making a call to an unnamed someone to 'take them up on their offer', but then Blade showed up with 'a better offer'.

    Blade? Please, God, don't let this be an "I need a black superhero and I can't use Cage, Rage or the Black Panther".

I really am oblivious. The fact that Blade is black didn't register on me at all. The whole race thing is just completely lost on me.

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