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Subj: Re: Iron Man #597
Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2018 at 05:46:30 am CST (Viewed 239 times)
Reply Subj: Iron Man #597
Posted: Wed Feb 28, 2018 at 07:37:27 am CST (Viewed 359 times)


    A typical issue in the vein we got to know in this arc so far: Useless Doom pages, and, well, useless Riri-pages.

Customer: I'll have that one Bendis-ized, please!

Burger Gal: Did you mean super-sized?

Customer: Nope! I'm on a diet! Bendis-ize it, please! Just give me the wrappers with nothing in them!

    The issue opens with Doom desecrating his mother's grave because - in Bendis' Marvel pocket universe - he now blames her for him being a villain.

No, you skipped the super-important expository Mary Jane phone call! Who is she talking to? Good question.

As for Doom desecrating his mother's grave because he believes she - because he believes ANYONE - made him who he is - well, that completely misses the point of his absolute narcissism.

He misses Reed because only Reed "saw" him. Saw through the facade, presumably. Because the facade wasn't real, you see. He wasn't really a megalomaniacal dictator. That was just some ugly suit his mommy made him wear when all he ever wanted for Christmas was a suit of Iron Man armor.

I do, however, honestly believe Von Doom misses Reed in a Joker-would-miss-Batman sort of way. Seriously, what good is being Von Doom if you don't have Mister Fantastic to face off against? Everyone else is beneath you. You could trod them all underfoot at any time. It's like trying to be the Lord of the Ants, and you're driving a giant truck full of DDT. Too easy. The ants may tremble at the sight of you but anyone your own size would simply see you as the neighborhoood exterminator. Bet your medical benefits are pretty good, eh, Mac?

    The issue ends with the Wrecking Crew (Seriously, what is Bendis' obsession with this tiny group of crappy supervillains congregating around the Hood?)

I think he feels he has single-handedly lifted them up out of obscurity.

    breaking into the abandoned Castle Doom, being confronted with Doombots and finally Doom himself, who is then attacked by the Hood and the rest of his gang. It is all incredibly unengaging. The next issue promises "the Fall of Doom".

I don't even understand why it's happenning. Why now? What's different? These thugs had always feared Doom. Now they hold him in contempt. Why? Because he switched to the good side for right now? Does that somehow make him less formidable? I guess maybe they assume he won't kill them or torture them because he's good. But he can still overcome them with a flick of a switch and deposit them at the nearest available correction facility. Except for some reason he always has to let them beat on him for a while.

A lot of this is Bendis wanting to give his Hood character one last hurrah, as he knows the character will probably never be used again once Bendis leaves. But also the villains genuinely seem to smell blood in the water. In their minds, Doom is vulnerable now. Why? I don't get it.

    Riri's part (Five whole pages!) is her arriving back at MIT, where she is greeted by the (nameless) dean who welcomes her like the prodigal daughter and promises her she will have complete creative freedom. He even grants her that her armor is still hers, not Stark Industries', whereupon she simply recalls her stuff from Iron Maiden electronically; so that entire subplot was completely pointless. She then is introduced to a small group of super-nerds who are looking for Tony Stark.

I figure the dean has to be evil, right? I mean, come on, this is comic books, he's an unexpected benefactor, and unexpected benefactors in comics almost always turn out to be evil. But Riri's young and insufficiently cynical at this point.

Meanwhile, while MIT may own Riri's modifications to Tony's tech, they absolutely don't own Tony's tech. In real life, this would be a big court battle that keeps lawyers in caviar for years. Bendis really should have run this story past Charles Soule. But of course none of it will matter once Tony returns, since he personally gave Riri permission to continue doing what she was doing, and he presumably will remember that and agree with his earler self's thought process.

    That's all. It looks nice, at least.

Yes. Nice art.

    The re-introduction of Arno Stark - his first appearance since the final issue of Gillen's run, well, WELL before Secret Wars - occurs without any fanfare or acknowledgement he was missing; he is simply there.

Yes - Arno Stark - seeing him was fun! And almost certainly presages an Iron Man 2020 story when Slott has control and the year 2020 rolls around in our real world. Someone else on this board (was it Grey Gargoyle?) predicted an Iron Man 2020 story when 2020 becomes our real world year. Good call. Looks like it's happening. This scene, I think, was Bendis being nice enough (or being directed by Editorial) to set Slott up.

    Oh well. Three more issues and it's over.

The game now, for me, is searching for the threads that I think are being laid specifically for Slott to pick up and pull.

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