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Subj: Re: List of "robots" who have "died"...
Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2019 at 11:14:34 am EST (Viewed 290 times)
Reply Subj: List of "robots" who have "died"...
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    What I don't understand is, why can't Friday download herself into the armor and stay in her body at the same time? Ultron does that all the time, creating an army of bodies all running his program.

A very fair question.

Maybe an A.I. has to "read-only" lock into a system to gain most remote access effectiveness? Like Ultron's "core" program is often shown surviving somewhere in a peripheral somewhere in his skull? Friday would base herself/lock in inside Tony's armor always at risk of his armor getting damaged. When she was outside his armor she could have been able to holo around from a static location in S.U. mainframe? Motherboard? a Stark satellite? Was it ever revealed? When the likes of Machinesmith or Brynocki is definitively destroyed -and almost always turns out they aren't- maybe MU pseudo-cyber science allows their essence that jumps or piggybacks another system or internet the free floating essence has to first hardwire itself into a new peripheral? ...Maybe not?

Who wants to add to this list of unique Earth-based "intelligent" robots, androids, computers, synthezoids, and A.I, that came back from DESTRUCTION with seeming full memories? (Not cyborgs or living brains or E.V.A.)

1. Ultron
2. Jocasta
3. probably Machine Man in some story (can't recall offhand)?
4. Vision
5. Viv already and weirdly reborn with an organic twin
6. Machinesmith
7. (a couple of?) Doombots that took on life of their own
8. Hammond Torch - although maybe he was just coma-dormant in his body for decades?
9. Human Robot ??
10. Alkhema ??
11. Awesome Andy ??
12. Dragon Man ??
13. did Ferris regain his memories when Magneto rebuilt Asteroid M?

human robot

I miss Dad & Dan.

Maybe she doesn't duplicate herself because of identity concerns. If she downloads herself into a new body and doesn't erase the old copy of her mind, then soon of enough there will be two distinct entities with an equal right to call herself "Friday" as each version gains distinct experiences.

Eventually there would be some many of her, that it would be almost like when people from alternate timelines meet each other. Here's the Friday that had a peaceful life as Stark's assisstant. Here's the Friday who went out into the world and grew to hate humanity because of how she was treated. Here's the Friday who went out in the world, fell in love with a human, the human was murdered by robots, and now she hates her own species. And so forth. You could quickly end up with an army of distinct beings who all have the right to the name Friday, since they began as the same person.

So to avoid that, she always deletes the current version of herself whenever she downloads into another computer.

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