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Subj: Re: Tony Stark Iron Man #7...
Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2019 at 01:21:25 pm EST (Viewed 294 times)
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    The colorful and creative panel layout for Controller recruiting made a repetitive prologue less than redundant even though the 2 pages into 1 may've sufficed.

I think it needed to be two pages to get the desired effect. However, I don't think it needed to repeat the same words over and over. That was a little annoying.

    Defeating Arsenal made for a new cyber MOTHERboard mystery and generates concern for a Amanda's fate. Y'know, since Howard was smart enough to make the original Arsenal defense system and his importance in the MU is always growing... maybe Mr.Slott is setting up that Howard found a way to preserve his and/or Maria's brain pattern and somehow eScape has accessed via Motherboard?

Interesting! And plausible, given Slott's creative choices thus far. I can see him giving Tony virtual versions of Howard and Maria to interact with. The artist gave Maria crazy eyes, though. That seems to portend future problems. Maybe what Howard did is malfunctioning?

    Whatever the case, the meeting of the moms was a marvelous teaser.

Imagine Clark having the Kents and Jor-El in his life at the same time...

    Tony valuing human lives over brand or money was great.

I was afraid Slott might have Tony make a different decision. I'm glad he didn't.

    Tony's big red button was great.

Definitely! Slott is making a real effort to build Tony up in the eyes of readers.

    Tony looping in Machine Man via Jocasta and then redirecting a reluctant Friday was a great play. Don't worry Tony'll do right by you, Fri.

This part of the story was troubling. Does Friday have the same rights as a human being? Would it be OK for Tony to essentially abduct a human being and press that human being into what amounts to slave labor? Granted, the whole situation is pretty contrived. Why design an AI that won't enjoy performing its function?

I think it's also relevant that we all know, had Jocasta been fully operational, she would have objected to what Tony did, and her objection would have carried the weight of falling directly into the purview of her job description. Surely Tony knows this too. I hope Slott doesn't let Tony off the hook on this one. Either Friday is a self-aware person with the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, or she isn't. Tony needs to be confronted with this.

    All the computerspeak was fun. Jocasta's battery life was... interesting. It's a neat handicap but the precident for zero rechargability by a number of energy source means is... debatable. Has she ever run out of juice in an Avengers back issue? Don't worry Aaron'll do right by Iron Man, Jo.

Since we haven't seen anyone else run out of juice - not Tony, not Aaron, not Friday, not Rhodey in his War Machine - to see Jocasta run out of juice seems contrived.

He didn't actually force her, he was just very aggressive about it being what is needed to save lives. I think that, as an Avenger, he's used to people being almost casually self-sacrificing. He's used to situations where he can basically say, "okay, to stop the Mandarin from conquering the world, I have to do this borderline suicidal thing, you have to do that other borderline suicidal thing, and you over there have to be ready to push the button on the thing that will probably kill me and her, but will definitely stop the Mandarin's scheme" and they all do it because they are Avengers.

I do see how it was framed to be a little ambiguous and uncomfortable, though. Stark's actions should be a little ambiguous to a Doctor Who-ish degree. Just so long as Marvel doesn't ruin everything by exaggerating it into outright villainy, and then having Rogers show up and make some insufferable sanctimonious speech while pointing his finger. I've gotten so sick of that that every time Rogers shows up, I want to bite off his pointing-finger and rip out his vocal cords.

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