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Subj: Re: Ironheart #2...
Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2019 at 07:37:06 pm EST (Viewed 209 times)
Reply Subj: Ironheart #2
Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2019 at 11:07:23 am EST (Viewed 239 times)

> A solid issue with fun action.

Kinda refreshing improvement in that.

> Someone is using street urchins to steal phones so the private information on them can be stolen for political purposes.

Ahhhh. Phone data theft was a plot point with a solid ep of TV's Bull on CBS last week.

> Ironheart attempts to stop them only to be attacked by ninjas. Really nasty ninjas capable of hurting her with martial arts strikes despite the armor. When she finally defeats them, they teleport away.

That first blast at the trio of thugs in the store was kinda chincy. And ill-conceived when an area effect and absolute multiple take down might been wiser with 3 guns ready to blast the innocent pair. Maybe an old fashioned magnetic yoink of the handguns? Tony's tech now includes directed force fields doesn't it and shouldn't hers by now? Obviously, her blue blasts are via power settings - it still felt a little uneven that a pinpoint strike to the thugs head was ineffectual but her wide angle blasting the ninjas to the chests forced them out of that fight.

> So, last issue the Ten Rings get a mention, and now she fights guys with superhuman martial arts abilities who talk about how, "the wellspring of power, beyond your comprehension, flows through us." A reference to chi-mysticism, maybe? And who have teleportation technology.
> I'm guessing the villain will turn out to be some student of The Mandarin. Someone trained in both mystic martial arts and alien science. And that this person will have a lot in common with Riri, but will have been twisted by everything that Riri transcended. Just a hunch.

Hmm... could be. Mandarin, himself, maight also be interesting (along with his Punisher danglers fixed). And Reverend Meteor's suggestion earlier could work, too. OR - maybe Marvel will revisit Temugin who could use some facetime?

And speaking of villains, will there be a connection with this Birch guy and the bad guy from Age of Iron?

Daija seems nice. BFF potential.

Bryant seems kinda like a wannabe Bronze Age JJJ type foil. This ish should've got a Handbook level guest star cameo on top of his.

NATALIE seems like 'she' might be a complicated sell. Another A.I. (without a body) for a list to be made.

Good cover and preview source here:

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