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Subj: Re: Tony Stark Iron Man #8... [w/Links]
Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2019 at 09:02:19 pm EST (Viewed 180 times)
Reply Subj: Tony Stark Iron Man #8
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A new Stan Lee memorial in the issue \:\)

Well the Controller is all overamped and pounding on Iron Man, Wasp and Rhodey. Tony wishes he brought the Hulkbuster armor

Andy figures out a way to get the system back under control and heads to the medical bay where Bethany stands over Amanda and as Andy has his back to her and is talking about the solution Bethany is about to attack him......

Tony, wasp and Rhodey all mock the fact that all Controller ever wants to do is amp himself up more and more with more power. Well he's been doing that since he first appeared, and back in the days of Captain Mar-Vell when Thanos upgraded the Controller's tech he got an even bigger taste for power as well as his jollies out of controlling people.

Around the world people are dying be they innocents or banned players. They are armed with weapons from Sunset Bain and she is trying to shift blame onto Stark.

Back in escape, Machine Man is wandering around pondering what to do.

Amanda confronts "Maria" who is really the Motherboard A.I. and it turns out since Tony's latest suit is also a VR interface for eScape, Motherboard takes CONTROL OF TONY as she was pretending to be Friday when Friday attempted to upload into the armor where is Friday?

Anyway she tells Amanda that she was basically the incubator or cow that birthed Tony and that she, the Motherboard, is the mother Tony wants and that eScape was built so that Tony could avoid Amanda.

Tony then arrives in the room, in his original appearance in terms of face and hair, and wearing the old red and gold suit with the horned helmet. The simulacrum of his father offers Tony a drink that he gladlt takes......

end of issue....

EDIT: hmmmm you know, they are right about the Controller. he never does seem to have an endgame other then absorbing power. With his tech and abilities he could take over the world and no one would know it....if he had any SELF-CONTROL.

Perhaps this is an Iron Man villain that needs to either evolve their thinking or else be replaced with a new version?

Tony Stark - Iron Man 008

An enjoyable issue.

Perfect cover for the perfect unique cliffhanger tease. It's V.R. liquor but real psychological addiction. Fascinating twist on all the potential storypitches we could have gotten, by this point, for Tony potentially falling off the wagon.

Refreshing global locales. Lovin' Marvel increasing appearances by the Winder Guard in it's books.

Controller (continues to be) a fun villain here.

Heartracing teases for the different fates (next ish) of so many supporting cast. Andy. Friday. Cabe. Stack. Amanda. And even Wasp and Manticore to a lesser degree.

Spot on Donald Duck analogy.

Can't wait to see where this V.R. family reunion goes!

Hmm... WTH is the inside joke with Michael Bolton playing Johnny Depp ref??!!

Hmm... was there some back issue image that served as template for Tony taking off his helmet on page 19?

Hmm... who is that he's fighting on the cover of #9?


I miss Dad & Dan.

I miss you, Dan. I miss you, Dad. I miss you, Dan.
I miss you, Dad & Dan. I miss you Dad and Dan. Support Cancer Research.
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