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Subj: Re: Rae LaCoste query
Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2019 at 08:16:58 am EST (Viewed 180 times)
Reply Subj: Rae LaCoste query
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    Those of you who followed Michelinie and Layton's Iron Man run might recall that they intended to reveal Rae LaCoste, the hairdresser who became Tony's girlfriend during their second run, as the ex-wife of Scott Lang, and the new Madame Masque (responsible for killing Whitney in Iron Man #238).

Yes, the original plan was concluded in out-of-continuity Iron Man #258.1 - #258.3.

It confirms that Rae was supposed to be the new Madame Masque.

    The interesting implication of this would be that she abandoned their daughter Cassie when Scott was sent to prison for his earlier burglary efforts. That is, why would a mother abandon her daughter when she had no other primary caregiver to look after her, what with Scott being incarcerated?

    Basing Rae's decision purely on self-interest doesn't seem very interesting, so there's likely an extreme reason for her doing that, maybe to protect Cassie from harm. If she had been Masque since Iron Man #245, where did she learn the skills to carry out Whitney Frost's murder so easily? So had she had criminal associations before marrying Scott, and did she escape them, then discovered they were getting closer to tracking her down and this is why she bailed, before they discovered she had a child?

    Or did she "marry" Scott to secure his skills for them? Was it the Maggia, Hydra, A.I.M. or someone else?

Unfortunately, we are talking about David Michelinie.
He was one of the most popular Marvel writers of the 1980s but he also had the tendency to make characters go into one direction just to see what could happen along the ride.

For example, he created Eddie Brock out of the blue just to give Venom an host and then connected this new character to the Sin-Eater's plot, even though we, the readers, had never heard about Brock before.

He revealed that Peter Parker's parents were not dead after all but that they had spent all these years in a Russian gulag. They were actually LMDs but, maybe, David Michelinie had another plan in mind that we will never know.