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Subj: Re: Ironheart #3: Absolutely...
Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2019 at 08:07:11 pm EST (Viewed 122 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Ironheart #3: Absolutely...
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> Re: Ironheart #3 [Spoilers] · Alexandre Juliao · Yesterday at 03:55:04 pm EST
> Well, as Grant Morrison once said, there are no bad characters, only badly written ones.
Absolutely. Never expected to ever care to see Midnight's Fire again or not. And Riri's mom pleasantly came across as nice as Sam Alexander's and Miles Morales'. Even Xavier wasn't completely bland for the first time.

> Re: Ironheart #3 [Spoilers] · Reverend Meteor · Yesterday at 09:10:47 pm EST
> Well this issue showed Silhouette's brother Midnight's Fire. Which more or less confirms the Wellspring angle is tied to that wellspring in Nicieza's New Warriors and Thunderbolts stories.

> Re: Ironheart #3 [Spoilers] · MysteryMan · Today at 08:02:42 am EST
> From what I understand she had a lot of help from other Marvel employees and that they took months to help her adjust. Not saying she isn't good (I don't know) but she had any writer should get but usually doesn't.
That's reassuring.

> Re: Ironheart #3 [Spoilers] · America's Captain · Today at 02:59:13 pm EST
> By the way, the art is terrific! Vecchio, Geoffo, and Milla are knocking it out of the park!
Absolutely. ALSO, that cover (w/aerial POV) was BRILLIANT.


    I like this. Riri makes mistakes and takes poor decisions. She is clearly portrayed as having personal problems.

    Finally, she's becoming a real person.

    How is it that an education professional and poet is so much better at this than one of the most famous and published comic book writers in the business?

Absolutely, an enjoyable issue. Things are improving.

Couple o'things...

Riri just left supervillain unconscious before cops arrived? After acting so cool and mature in the battle that she had to stoop to that offputting, longstanding, sloppy trope? Shame.

Riri had a falling out with The Champions? It's probably an upcoming spoiler that happens before this but it just felt unlikely given how things are going in that book. Not even a footnote? Recap page? Hmmph.

Riri deactivating N.A.T.A.L.I.E. could be a point of discussion? Sure, it's akin to her saying just "leave me alone!". But S.U. chief robot ethicist Jocasta would probably have a real problem with her shutting NAT down? locking her up? submitting to the techmaster? And now, would Slott's version of Tony have a problem with it? Just sayin'.

Riri says the substance 'glass' is: A LIQUID??!! Really? Huh. Wikipedia don't fail me now...

Support Cancer Research and Alzheimer Research.

Glass is an amorphic solid, not a liquid - as I have had explained to me by some nerds on /co/. Structurally it's somewhere between a 'true', crystal-like solid and a liquid.

Contrary to the story she tells, medieval glass does not flow at appreciable speed; those old panes are not thicker at the bottom because the glass is slowly collecting at the bottom but because they were made that way, either because medieval glass makers weren't very good at making glass yet or because it's structurally stronger (I suspect the latter).

It's kind of too bad because I rather liked the idea that glass is a liquid that simply moves in a completely different time frame.

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