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Subj: Re: Tony Stark #18...[Force Works spoiler]
Posted: Mon Nov 25, 2019 at 09:25:16 am EST (Viewed 319 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Tony Stark #18...
Posted: Sat Nov 23, 2019 at 10:17:14 pm EST (Viewed 327 times)

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Tony Stark: Iron Man 018

You raise some fair points about underutilizing Tony's genius side on a regular basis. Not that his esteemed supporting characters should be underplayed either. Aaron, Vizh, and Simon, titleworthy in their own right, might've also deserved a more notable role in Ultron's defeat. The thing about this instance, though, is that Stark had reasons for 'needing help' including being banged up and body-warped and then, later, he was reeling from the seeing that blood cell branded with a barcode inside his body. Agreed, it's better to see Iron Man save the day more often than not but sometimes good to see Tony has friends to save him, too.

Plus, there was a lot of other good elements to enjoy this time...

• Great cover and the likable art remains consistent.
• Exciting unique crisis that Tony faces. It really could've went anywhere. As it is, that 3% remaining could come back to literally bite him in the ass.
• Another consecutive month that the longtime neglected and deserving Jarvis scores facetime in a Marvel book.
• Not the biggest fan of Shapiro-cat, as is, but he's certainly must surpass any throwaway status after this arc.
• Nano-Iron Men revisited and incorporated in a neat twist to journeys inside Vision's body during Kree/Skrull or during IRON MAN #133.
• It's an "AVENGERS" tale that's looong overdue to be told! Better here than nowhere! Fits in nice with Tony's current body issues, too! Good key B-List team personally fighting against Pymtron.
• Rhodey's beginning to finally get his confidence back.
• Jan had good lines.
• Ultron was properly ruthless/relentless.
• Very surreal barcode moment.
• Arno has brought his parents back to life!!! As naked as Krakoan jaybirds. Apparently in bodies as 'real' as Tony's is. BUT, Bain begs to differ it seems.
• Apparent status quo change for Jocasta.
• Redonning classic armor (look) will undoubtedly make the day of many a fanboy/fangirl.
• Neat was to work in the "INVINCIBLE" label as the cliffhanger line. Almost as seemlessly as when Mark Grayson original claimed his codename.

:: Is that S.U.Tower on page 1, in NYC? It's not the one that doubles for Avengers Tower at times, is it?
:: This attack on NYC is SCARY, for sure, but probably is lesser to that of Controller/eScape thing or the current Doombot/2099 thing, eh?
:: Didn't Friday have an exclusive/proprietory Hologram Body with no robot body ever shown?

    As a side-note; they seem to be running with the idea that Tony can't inherit the company. Which is dumb, because the company Tony inherited is long since destroyed. The company Tony currently owns is one of multiple iterations that he has created completely on his own. So even if Arno's case is completely justified, all he can inherit is very old ashes.

That seems fair to say, too.

I miss Dad & Dan.

I think you and Mandy have covered everything perfectly, but here are a few of my random thoughts on the issue:

I think Bethany may still be in love with Tony Stark. Look at how she looks at him when he is trying to get up out of bed to go fight Ultron, and she tells him to "lie down". It's all right there in her face. I like the Jan / Tony romance (I hope it lasts for awhile), but every time they are together in a room with Bethany, I sort of feel sorry for Beth because I know that she is dying inside. She can call Tony "boss" or "Stark" or "Chief" all she wants, but I know it's all just an act to hide her true feelings. \:\)

I'm not sure I would have accepted a talking cat in Iron Man a few years ago, but Rocket Raccoon is one of my favorite things in the MCU now, and I used to buy Shazam (Captain Marvel) DC comics when I was a kid, and I think there were talking animals in that comic too, as I recall.

So next issue will wrap up Slott's main Iron Man run? I guess we don't know that yet. After Iron Man 2020 ends, I'm wondering if he will continue with a new Iron Man comic...will there even be a new Iron Man comic? The uncertainty is brutal, but Iron Man has never been about certainty. I need to accept that.

P.S I liked the Citizen's watch ad on the back page. At a time when Marvel Comics / Marvel Studios seem to be removing Iron Man from existence, both in movies and comics*, it's nice to know that other big companies still recognize Iron Man as a valuable property by placing him front and center in their advertisement.

* Seriously, a Force Works comic WITHOUT Iron Man? Give me a break. (Spoken with my best Stan Lee impression).

Looking forward to next issue.

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