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Subj: Madame Masque and...
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    All true. Speaking of this era, it's interesting another character has a facial secret, Yorgon Tykkio. Yet before we found out what this was, he was suddenly killed with no explanation of the mystery around him. Was he some other character, a cyborg, or what? Or was it tied to his interest in Dr Atlanta's work? Michelinie & Layton had an exceptional run on Iron Man, but they wasted a great character here.

I remember him. The climax of Obadiah Stane's plan was one of the first Iron Man stories that I read as a kid. I absolutely loved the Silver Centurion armor.

The Marvel Appendix writer has the same reaction than you.

David Michelinie was not cool on this one. Not only the storyline of the Tykkio brothers was left unresolved but he turned Cly Erwin into an hysterical homicidal maniac just before killing her. Cly was not my favorite character but it didn't make any sense at all.

I think that Denny O'Neil run was quite interesting. O'Neil is often remembered as one of the most important Batman scribes ever but, when he was an Iron Man writer, he created Obadiah Stane and gave James Rhodes the opportunity to become Iron Man for the first time...

Kurt's proposed Madame Masque miniseries was never officially approved. However, had it proceeded, it would have been about Madame Masque, emotionally stressed and vulnerable, choosing to take down the Maggia from within rather than let it continue to exist. Given Kurt never got to write the story, he didn't plan any sequels. However, had it proceeded, he would have ended the mini with her on the side of the good guys but wanted by the law. He always saw her as the Iron Man version of the Burma character in Caniff's Terry and the Pirates, so would have seen that as a good ongoing role for her, the outlaw with the heart (and face) of gold. That's actually where he left her years later, when he last wrote her in AVENGERS, come to think of it...

Another major unresolved mystery from Iron Man's first volume was from Gerry Conway's run, specifically the Kline Saga. Gerry spread it out over whatever books he was given, obviously Iron Man, Daredevil and Sub-Mariner. As I recall it, Mr. Kline’s mission was to a) discredit Tony Stark and b) keep Foggy Nelson from running for governor. From the way it turned out, a) was not successful as planned, but b) was. From Baal’s reaction, moreover, b) was the more important of the two (it’s possible that Stark was only supposed to be discredited temporarily, and that may have been accomplished). To make sense of the ending, it could be that Kline did, in fact, make Baal’s future happen – but enough off-centre that it allowed the Sons of Men to come into existence. They were able then to come back and destroy Kline – not earlier, because then they would destroy their own existence, but soon enough to prevent the complete destruction of humanity (The Sons of Man are, by their name, not humans; they may be, as everybody else is in this story – Mikas for example –androids of a different sort). I don’t particularly like these time travel conundra, but there’s a way to reconcile thus kind of tale with the many-worlds approach. Mark Gruenwald espoused that probabilistic distance from a certain past makes it fuzzy and hard to travel towpath any precision – as opposed to a world a single logical divergence away. A future whose crucial moment has been defeated, while it still exists, is far enough away in a different timeline dimension that an emissary would be lucky to arrive in the right century, let alone the critical point. It’s all pretty arbitrary, but the device makes all these parallel worlds stories read a little like real non-absurd stories. The fun part is the speculation that Mr. Kline turns out to be the cause of the death of Foggy Nelson and the collapse of Karen Page, and is therefore the proximate cause of Frank Miller’s Born Again storyline and, by stretching a point just a little, the Demon in a Bottle storyline for Stark. What might have happened if those two major canonical episodes not have happened? That’s of course very hard to say. However, taking one more step down the yellow brick road, the thing that might not have happened is The Civil War. Wait, no, hear me out! A less darkly cynical Tony Stark, not having faced the dark part pdf his own soul, might not have thrown his weight behind it – and Franklin Nelson, Governor of New York, aided and abetted by Matt Murdock, killer trial lawyer, might have raised a legal firestorm against the Registration Act and brought about a constitutional crisis (states’ rights, don’t you know) and decreed (a la ICE) that New York will not cooperate with the Registration Act and establish a sanctuary for superhumans. He might even go to the United Nations and get a vote condemning the Act. And THAT might be something that prevents Baal from coming into existence a thousand years later. Stretching it a bit, but I’d like to write THAT story.

Read more of my theorising here:)
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