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    Up until last year I'd have agreed with regard to Mackie but in the "Ultimate Spider-Man" panel on How to Write Comics at Comic Con Honolulu 2019 he specifically mentioned the necessity of writers knowing their character and how important it is to know everything about them. In the instance of Danny Ketch, he originally intended Centurious to be his and Barb's father.

The problem is that, back in the 1990s, whether Howard Mackie was on Spider-Man or Ghost Rider, I had the feeling that his main method was automatic writing. Maybe, it was not what he wanted but that's how it felt.
There were always multiple mysteries that needed to be resolved and the plot became extremely convoluted because spontaneous ideas were added along the way until the whole package became totally indigestible.
He built from scratch a whole mythology around the Ghost Rider that became so puzzling that no writer after him decided to follow in his footsteps.

    What's your intended point about Morelli?

Alfredo Morelli was a minor character who was created by Tom DeFalco to connect MJ Watson with Roderick Kingsley & Richard Fisk. The plan of Tom DeFalco was that Kingsley was the Rose and Fisk the Hobgoblin. Alfredo was a friend of Fisk who flirted with MJ probably because he had met her back when she was modeling for Kingsley. Thus, in this unpublished version, it would have been revealed that MJ, Richard & Alfredo moved in the same social circles.
After the layoff of Tom DeFalco, Christopher Priest & Peter David followed a different approach. Ned Leeds was the Hobgoblin and Richard Fisk was the Rose. Kingsley was only Kingsley. MJ knew Ned Leeds, so it wasn't necessary anymore to connect her with Richard Fisk. After that, Alfredo Morelli could have remained in comics limbo but, curiously enough, some time later, in Web of Spider-Man, Howard Mackie and then Terry Kavanagh decided to play again the Three-card Monte. This time around, it was between Richard & Alfredo and it was about the respective secret identities of "Kingpin Junior" and the Blood Rose.
In my opinion, Terry Kavanagh had planned to follow the same pattern with the secret identity of Masque. It had been revealed by David Michelinie that the original Madame Masque was already dead, so it remained to be seen who could be the new Masque(s).

    I've spoken with Dan and he recalls the initial plan was for Bethany but they had to alter that and he doesn't recall from there who Terry planned. Given Dan was using Rae at the time, as you mention, Terry obviously hadn't asked, so doubtful it was going to be her. So that still leave it a mystery:(

They probably wanted to recycle, retcon & clarify what happened to Bethany Cabe & Madame Masque in Iron Man #198-204.
Even back then, the story was very ambiguous.

Other points about Masque: In this issue she claims to not recognise the cyborg, Benedict. Ben Raab claims guile has been her stock in trade for a long time. Yet if this is a new Masque, this suggests whoever she is she has previous experience in perhaps espionage! Why was she so hostile toward Black Widow? She also refers to Natasha's predecessor attempting to kill her. Who's she referring to? Where did she gain the extensive experience with complex robotics and artificial lifeforms that Natasha referred to, since this was certainly not knowledge demonstrated by Whitney Forst? And how did Natasha know she had this experience? And if she was so experienced with complex robotics, why was she so afraid/ horrified of Benedict? And how were there suddenly caves below the mansion, as even Hank is unaware they were there? And where do they lead to?

Read more of my theorising here:)
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