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The whole idea of movie Shang being an orphan raised to be a super-soldier actually ties in more to The Mandarin's comic origin than Shang's comicbook origin. The Mandarin's parents died, then he was raised to be a super-soldier. His aunt squandered all of his inheritance on his training because she hated the world.

So if movie Shang's an orphan given to a group to train into a super-soldier, it stands to reason that Mandarin in this universe began the same way and became the master of the group that trained him. A fairly logical extrapolation of his comicbook origin. In the comics, we're not really told who his aunt paid to train Mandarin to be a super-soldier, only that it cost ever bit of his wealth. In this universe, we are likely to find out that the school that Mandarin was sent to was The Ten Rings.

If so, that's actually rather clever. It fills in gaps left vague in the original comic. In the comic, every bit of his wealth is squandered training him to be the perfect warrior, then he wanders off and just happens to stumble on the rings.

He effectively has two origins, one as a super-soldier trained from birth, and a second as a really lucky wanderer.

What if those two origins were linked together in the movie? He is trained by the Ten Rings, so named after the legendary actual rings. The cult has a rumor that these rings exist. So it trains people, sometimes just to bolster its numbers, sometimes because someone pays them to do it, and the best of them rise to leadership. The cult has searched for the actual ten rings, but only the current leader, the Mandarin, has managed to put all the clues together and actually found them.

In other words, Mandarin's origin as a super-soldier trained from birth is what resulted in him having the clues that allowed him to find the ten rings. That's, actually really clever of the movie writers.

So yeah, if Shang is an orphan trained to be a super-soldier in this world, it was done to give him parallels to The Mandarin.

I do like the idea that Mandarin's origin has essentially eaten Shang's.

Am I understanding correctly they are taking elements from the 'Secret Wars' mini series?

Fah Lo Suee is Zheng Zu (Marvel's name for Fu Manchu)'s daughter. So have they amalgamated Fu Manchu / Zheng Zu and the Mandarin for this?

Man, if they're gonna make him into the Yellow Claw / Golden Claw as well...