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This charter is for the RPG and based in part on the article from AWODCC. However, neither has been used as canon in the comics. If they were, then Black Lantern (a name never used in the comics by John Stewart), Batgirl, Vigilante, Sargon and Charley Parker (Golden Eagle) would be honorary members.


I REALLY WISH I hadn't caught this in your post, Scott, because otherwise, it is spot-on and I hate to dilute it . . . but Sargon the Sorcerer was an honorary member of the Justice League.

"Seeds of Destruction", from JLA # 99 (Jun., 1972), specifically states that the JLA named Sargon an honorary member in recognition of the help he gave them in the Starbreaker case (JLA # 96-8 [Feb., Mar., and May, 1972]).

You're right about the others you named, though.

Commander Benson