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Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2007 at 06:33:38 am EST
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I remember a recurring character that was an agent in the cartoon series. (Agent Fray or something like that?) Who is he and does he have any significance to the comics?

> I remember a recurring character that was an agent in the cartoon series. (Agent Fray or something like that?) Who is he and does he have any significance to the comics?

Agent King Faraday.

From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_Faraday
"King Faraday appears in Justice League Unlimited, voiced by Scott Patterson. His first appearance was in the episode "Double Date", in which he was a federal agent assigned to guard Steven Mandragora, but he escaped. It was established in the 3rd season opener "I Am Legion" that he was appointed as the Justice League's official liaison with the U.S. government. In the episode "To Another Shore", he and a group of government agents wearing jet packs appear in a scene, helping Wonder Woman in a fight against members of the Legion of Doom. One point of interest in the scene is when he refers to his fellow agents as "goldbrickin' yahoos", a catchphrase more associated with Nick Fury, a character Faraday preceded."

From obscure.dcguide.com
"King Faraday has been on the scene for quite awhile in the DC Universe, and has been for probably a lot longer than the average fan realizes. Faraday was a recurring character throughout a lot of the government & espionage-oriented super-hero titles of the eighties, including CHECKMATE, SUICIDE SQUAD, and CAPTAIN ATOM. He was "retconned" into being the mentor/contact for Nightshade when she was brought over from Charlton Comics with Captain Atom. Faraday also starred in the four-issue limited series DANGER TRAIL in the early nineties. But before all that activity, King Faraday was in virtual limbo for over twenty years ... and technically a bit longer than that. Originally, Faraday was the one of the stars of the original DANGER TRAIL series, which lasted five issues in the 1950's (and is now highly prized by comic collectors). He was created by Robert Kanigher (best known for the Metal Men and Sgt. Rock) and Carmine Infantino (best known for the Silver Age Flash, Batman, and the Elongated Man).

Faraday was a very competent and fairly dashing secret agent working for the U.S. Government's counter-espionage forces. He traveled the world, ending up in a variety of exotic locales. And, even in those pre-James Bond movie days, he got his share of attractive ladies as his companions on his journeys.

DANGER TRAIL was also the name of a very underrated limited series that DC Comics put out in 1992. Faraday has since been used infrequently but prominently as a major member of the DC Universe's intelligence community. He acted as a contact and mentor for Eve Eden, the former Charlton Comics character known as Nightshade, and has had dealings with Captain Atom, Amanda Waller (and her Suicide Squad), Sarge Steel, Checkmate, and nearly every other espionage organization. DANGER TRAIL was his first real solo outing since the fifties."


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