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Posted: Fri Jan 26, 2007 at 06:30:44 pm EST
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Posted: Fri Jan 26, 2007 at 04:50:50 pm EST

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> > > Hi all \:\-\)
> > >
> > > Here he exceeds the speed of light as if it were nothing while for Wally it was always a big deal just reaching light speed.
> >
> > I wouldn't say he exceeds the speed of light, as he has a head start. While both are moving at the speed of light, Bart had a slight advantage seeing that he started a millisecond before the beam.
> >
> ... if you follow Bart's race with the Photon beam closely you'll see that, while he did have a sliver of a lead in the beginning he was still so close that he could feel the heat of the beam. However in the middle of the race (for instance, across the Atlantic) Bart was clearly ahead by a decent margin and near the end he actually had to slow down so as to ensure the beam was close enough that it wouldn't miss the gun turret. Assuming the photon beam was traveling at the speed of light, Bart would have to have been going a good deal faster to accomplish what he did.
> > > Whenever Wally broke the light speed Barrier there was always the risk that he would get trapped forever in the Speed Force.
> >
> > IIRC, at the end of Wally run, the light speed barrier was no longer an issue. Wally had master the Speed Force enough that he could go pass the speed of light without any problems.
> >
> Perhaps, but look how long it took Wally to do so. Bart pretty much shattered the light barrier in his first all out run.

To be honest, Bart was doing things as *Impulse* that Wally couldn't do too well, such as vibrating through solid objects without shattering them and other such. In fact, up until the Teen Titans run, he was able to make Speed Force clones of himself (a feat no other speedster has quite matched).

> > > Obviously Bart doesn't have that problem now.
> >
> > True
> >
> > > So, can the JLA actually get along without some kind of specialist Speedster, instead relying on Supes and Wonder Woman's natural speed ?
> >
> > I let you know after issue 6 of the JLA. \:\-\)
> >
> > > Or is Bart going to finally join ?
> >
> > I would love to see Bart on the JLA
> Agreed \:\-\)

Personally, I think Bart is begin written poorly. The guy's essentially a four-year-old inside a 20-something body. The only "experience" he's really had has been through a VR simulator and reading a whole bunch of books really fast. He has no real social experience, no real-world lessons other than his brief tenure with Young Justice and the Teen Titans.

Make Bart BART, not Barry West or Wally Allen (and yes, I have purposefully amalgamated Barry and Wally's names together). Make him his own lovable, huggable individual.

But that's my rant.

The Chosen One has spoken. Heed and obey.

Chosen One sum it up perfectly. We are just seeing Barry and Wally be merge to make a new character. Bart been gone since that horrible G-Day mini killed Young Justice.

I would read a Bart Allen Flash book if it was actually be written with as the star.But will not read Barry West as Bart Allen as The Flash.(great idea with the name.)

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