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Subj: Re: JLA 6 - the disappointments begin [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2007 at 03:16:42 pm EST
Reply Subj: Re: JLA 6 - the disappointments begin [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2007 at 10:21:37 am EST

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> I had a nauseating suspicion that since it took five issues of build up to get to any potential for a good fight, that Meltzer wouldn't know what to do when he got there. And sure enough, JLA#6 was a huge disappointment. Y'know you'd think that with villains like Amazo and Solomon Grundy that the fight would be something awesome(Die Hardesque), but apparently the modern crop of writers just don't know how to choreograph worth a sweet god damn. I wonder if it ever occured to Meltzer that having a split battle with two major heavyweights in a SINGLE issue would produce nothing more than a let down for both(and the constant switching back and forth was annoying). Compensating for the lack of decent combat writing by throwing in alot of gore doesn't cut it either. And the lack of logic: I don't care how devastating 350 mph winds are, they wouldn't cut Grundy in two.
So what if winds like that can snap trees, Grundy has gone toe-to-toe with Superman, I think he's alot more sturdy than the average tree(next Meltzer will try having us swallow the same move with Darkseid).

You're wrong, Grundy's not always been a Superman level foe his strength level's fluxated A LOT over the years. Everytime he's died and been reborn he's been so with a different strenght level. For all we know his strength could be pretty average this time.

Nice compliment btw u're giving Meltzer comparing his JLA with one of the greatest comicbooks ever - Sin City.

Given the nature of the violence in this issue, I'm thinking that writers(Meltzer obviously) are preoccupied with the type of crap that Frank Miller did with Sin City. It doesn't have any place in JLA. The 'creative' team better start coming up with some quality battle sequences, as it is, I'm a hair away from dumping this title.

Yes, it's true that Grundy's strength has fluctuated over the years, but did you get the impression that this was one of his wimp versions? He tossed Red Tornado around like he was nothing, and was fully prepared to duke it out with the whole JLA. So, do you think he was stronger or weaker than a tree?

As for Sin City, I'm fully aware that Miller's sickening work is popular among a certain segment of bloodthirsty, misogynistic young males. I've long out-grown my angry-young-man stage.

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