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Posted: Mon Mar 12, 2007 at 10:28:21 am EDT
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Posted: Sun Mar 11, 2007 at 02:12:50 pm EDT

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The one that started it all.
I'm amazed with all the love JLD has kept over the years. Yes...me included. I'm coming to terms with it believe me.I've held on to the books sice 1984. Geez.
I've went back recently and read a few comics here and there. While Steele will not be missed, I'm feeling bad for Vibe. He really didn't get a fair shot.In Justice League Annual 3 Green Arrow hits him. Come on....
Paco Ramone may have been one of those rare characters who took control of the writer and his part of the story. When that happens they ususally kill off the character. (i.e. Jason Todd)
Another thing I find curios is Gary Conway, the mastermind behind JLD ended up as a bigwig for "Law and Order."
So you'ld figure he wouldn't have sterotyped the character the way he did.

And Gypsy...running around the mean streets of Detroit barefoot.That says everything I feel about the character right there.

I did like Dale Gunn, resident groundskeeper/scientist/sharpshooter.
Kinda wonder where he is today.

Anyway here's an editorial from JLA Annual #2 and a pic from Jla Annual #3.

I didn't mind the switch in the team or the new characters. I understood a little bit of what they were going for. The more soap operatic stories were successful and that meant you needed a smaller team and characters that weren't tied up in other books. Characters you could give private lives and focus on that. The new characters were different and brash compared to the old (though why they just didn't look torwards other characters they already had and honorary members already such as Black Lightning, the Kirby Sandman, Adam Strange, Metamorpho, Sargon, Captain Comet...)

What killed me for the book was I just couldn't and still can't get into Luke McDonell's artwork. They took too many risks for the one book: new lineup, half with new unproven characters and the other half characters not holding their own book, new writing style AND a new experimental art style. The book was doomed to failure.

What really proves to me that these characters are decent, it was the execution that was flawed: the Justice League Unlimited comic has actually made Vibe and Gypsy likeable characters without changing them all that much. Ignore the JLA Classified arc that only plays the characters up as losers other than Gypsy who gets some kinda uber secret abilities and nature.

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