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Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2007 at 11:12:34 pm EDT
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I ran out and picked up the last installment of the JLA animated series on DVD today. The series easily makes the top five list of all my prized DVDs. I LOVED this show, and from most of the posts on the boards, I'd say that's the general consensus. Among the many reasons for the show's success, characterization was a huge factor. The writers simply had a solid take on most of the characters they presented.

Give me your opinions on which characters were the very best on offer, and which ones showed that the writers were human after all(ie stunk on ice).

The Best:
1 - Batman, the definitive take on Batman's character. No movie or cartoon has matched it(certainly not the insipid The Batman series).

2- John Stewart. When the show was first announced, I was furious at the obvious tokenism of substituting John for Hal. I thought the show would be ruined from the start. But I have to admit the writers did a superb job of developing John's character. So much so that I don't think Hal even needs to be on the League anymore.

3- Hawkgirl. They took an irrelevant sub-character out of the shadows of the JLA comic and made her an intriguing, likeable hero. Just like John, Shayera has made me almost forget her husband Carter(almost).

4- Lex Luthor. While the writers owe some credit to John Byrne's redevelopment of Luthor, they did great work with Lex. Easily the best developed villain of the series. Clancy Brown was a perfect choice for Lex(just as Kevin Conroy was for Batman)

5- Metallo. Do any of you remember what Metallo was like pre-crisis? The green mask? He was ridiculous. But his handling in this series was great, with an excellent choice for voice-over(Malcolm MacDowell)

The Worst:
1- Ocean Master. Bruce Timm has said it's even dorky to have to say 'Ocean Master.' If that's the case, then why use him at all? But don't insult the fans who do like the character by using his personal name and nothing else. Since they were able to do wonders with so many marginal characters, I don't see why they didn't even try here.

2- Chronos. I know some changes HAD to be made(he has the costume from hell), but c'mon, a villain that sucks his thumb? I was terrified for the League.

3- Cheetah. Wolfman and Perez upped the bar when they redesigned Cheetah as a were-woman type of character. So I don't know what children's stuffed animal the creators used when they designed Cheetah for their show.

4- The Rogues. I don't know how, but they managed to make the Rogues boring(except the good job with Capt Boomerang). The most horrific was Weather Wizard, who didn't even get to be in the Rogues episode, and stunk it up when he did appear elsewhere.

5- Despero. A truly frightening League foe, who didn't come close to being intimidating on the show. A big disappointment.

Amazo's 'creative' visual design deserves some condemnation(I don't know how they didn't get sued by Marvel for stealing the Super Adaptoid's look and powers).

But all-in-all a very entertaining series, that rarely left me feeling unsatisfied(I think I'll pop a disc in now).

The Best:
1 - Batman, the definitive take on Batman's character.

2- Aquaman. For the first time, I was proud to be a fan of Aquaman in a cartoon media. Orin kicked much ass and showed he was a true leader and powerhouse to contend with.

3- Green Arrow. Ollie took JLU by storm. His radical views served as the voice for the little guy in a clubhouse of Gods. Finally people saw what I've always known about the Emerald Archer. He's a true hero with a big heart.

4- Lex Luthor. Finally a version of Lex done RIGHT!

5- The Joker! Perfection.

The Worst:
1- Doomsday. Wasted Potential.

2- Eclipso. Just plain boring.

3- Amazo. Man did they miss the mark here.

4- Cheetah. Poorly under used.

5- Copperhead. Just never liked him.