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Subj: Hal and COIE
Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2007 at 08:23:48 am EDT
Reply Subj: Re: JLA #10 questions! [SPOILERS]
Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2007 at 03:51:39 pm EDT

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> So could this issue be more cryptic? I’m not a long-time follower of the JLA or LoSH, so I might miss out on some references, but this was ridiculous. And I also don’t want to have to buy Countdown to understand this issue. So can anyone answer these questions?
> 1. Who is Proty?

Lightning Lad, a former Legionnaire, died in battle. 6 Legionnaires were going to sacrifice themselves to to bring back their friend. A shapeshifting friend named Proty took the shape of one of the Legionnaires and sacrificed himself for the Legion.

> 2. Where was Hal in Central City where he had been before?

Hal Jordan was in Central City during Crisis, where he saw one of the after-images of Barry Allen as he was sacrificing himself during Crisis.

> 3. Where was Batman in Gotham City where he had been before?

Batman was in Gotham City when Barry's after-images interacted with Batman.

> 4. Why and how did Hal and Bruce see Barry?

See above.

> 5. Did Dreamgirl foresee that she was going to die or was Jay just speculating? And since no one died, did she foresee that too? Didn’t she say otherwise before? Was she wrong?

She was lying. She was stalling Jay so that he wouldn't check the others.

> 6. Why did Karate Kid need the shield? No JLA/JSA member was near him or knew where he was. If it was to protect him from the lightning, wouldn’t that circumvent the self-sacrifice aspect of the whole scenario?

They didn't know he would be a Legionnaire without someone looking after him.

> 7. How does bringing Wally back “save a universe” as Dreamgirl said?

It isn't about bringing back Wally. Read it again. Wally was a "happy accident" that occurred. That even surprised brainy.

The person that they brought back is Barry Allen...if you notice in the end.

> 8. Why does Karate Kid say, “Lightning Lad,” before he is struck by the lightning? Where did the lightning come from?

Lightning Lad was the Legionnaire that died originally that the Legion initially used the rods to bring back to life.

> 9. Why does Wildfire say to Red Tornado, “Fight what’s inside you, John”? Was it previously in continuity that Wildfire has Red Tornado’s body? Is it now in current continuity? How can that even be since Wildfire is made up of energy?

The containment suit that is used to keep Drake together is made from Red Tornado's parts and I'm sure Wildfire had done research on Red Tornado so he knows RT's future.

> 10. How did Jay get from Keystone City to Blue Valley (at least a few hundred miles) so fast? Isn’t his speed limited to the speed of sound now? I know Power Girl is now a full Kryptonian, but can even she fly from Tokyo to Nebraska, fully half way around the world, in the time it takes to say, “Tracking them right now.”

The JLA does have teleporter that all they have to do is walk through a doorway (ala the Authority).

> 11. What does Karate Kid mean when he says, “No, you’re not,” after Wally says, “I’m faster than anyone”? Who does KK think is faster?

Barry Allen.

> 12. Who is the shadowy figure who appears before Karate Kid near the end?

We don't know. That's a mystery. I'm thinking that it might be another Legionnaire, but that's speculation.

> 13. Did Brainiac 5 not know who the Legion was retrieving? He seemed surprised to hear it was Wally.

B5 was retrieving Barry Allen.

> 14. Who did Batman think was going to be revived?

Barry Allen.

> 15. Did Karate Kid really dodge the lightning, or if he was just being facetious as we saw him get hit, what actually happened?

He could have still dodged it. Remember, right before he gets hit, it is mentioned that KK can see any weakness in any attack. He could have dodged lightning. Which is probably why he evokes Lightning Lad's name...because LL evaded death.

> 16. Why didn’t a Legionnaire die as previously stated would be the case?

Because they weren't sacrificing themselves to bring someone back. They knew that it might be a possibility, but the rods were used to "capture Barry Allen's essence."

> 17. Was this a pre-Crisis version of the Legion or the New Earth version or some other version altogether?

I don't know. It could be the pre-Crisis version, but KK was dead by the time Crisis occurred and Starboy hadn't taken the Starman name at that point. It might be that these are Legionnaires from different points in the future.

> Was this issue anticlimactic or what? I think it's one of the most confusing issues I've ever read in a comic and I've been reading comics for over 20 years.

I'd say try to reread the whole story. It fits together pretty well together rather than apart. I think my problem was Turner's artwork, which doesn't lend itself to the subtlety of Brad Metzler's script.

But I think it showed us a novel way of this type of story. Most of the time, we have these teamups where the point is to fight others...but this is one of the few incidents where suicide is what these heroes are fighting against. I think that was a pretty novel idea.

- little kon-el

> > 2. Where was Hal in Central City where he had been before?
> >
> Hal Jordan was in Central City during Crisis, where he saw one of the after-images of Barry Allen as he was sacrificing himself during Crisis.

Hal was in Central City during COIE??? Hal wasn't in COIE at all. John was GL during that series. Wasn't Hal in space during Crisis?

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