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Subj: What exactly are you doing?
Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2007 at 05:54:34 pm EDT
Reply Subj: My Update Justice League as of issue #75
Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2007 at 04:25:18 pm EDT

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The league goes on many cases, together as a team. On their 75th mission, Wonder Woman is found alive and rejoins the team. Here's the updated roster as of #75:

Batman (leader)
Green Lantern (Hal)
Mera (Aquaman's wife)
Beast Boy (who will regain the name of Changeling)
Cosmic Boy
Godiva of the Global Guardians (representing England)
Saturn Girl
Katana of the Outsiders
Flash (Barry)
Animal Man
Captain Marvel Jr.
Blue Beetle (Ted)
Green Arrow (Ollie)
Katma Tui
Martian Manhunter
Elongated Woman (Sue)
Impala of the Global Guardians (representing South Africa)
Fire (representing Brazil)
Tuatara (representing New Zealand)
Booster Gold
Wonder Woman
Mister Miracle
Lady Steel (Natasha)

With a line-up like that, who needs Superman? Anyway, who should be next in the Justice League at issue #103?

I'm trying to understand why you keep posting these lists of JLA members from your dreams. What's the point? Please contact me via e-mail. Thank you.

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