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Subj: And it also reveals that Countdown still sucks at continuity... [SPOILERS?]
Posted: Thu Jul 19, 2007 at 07:04:49 am EDT
Reply Subj: THis weeks Countdown reveals who came back in time to stay with Karate Kid. SPOILERS
Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2007 at 04:37:39 pm EDT

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SPOILERS for the ending of the Lightning Saga

Its one of Triplicate Girls bodies. But just one. I guess the Triplicate Girl of that Legion's future will now go by Duo Damsel again.

The fact that we see the ending of the Lightning Saga in this issue of Countdown after having seen Bart's funeral two whole issues ago is a clear sign of bad editing. These two events (or rather Bart's death and Wally's return) were supposed to take place shortly after each other (actually only one minute apart according to All-Flash) yet they've had the time to have a funeral have some Amazons attacking and all sorts of other stuff in the meantime.

Hell in issue 42 of Countdown Karate Kid told Batman they were leaving even though JLA clearly showed us that they left practically as soon as Wally had returned.

It has now taken 10 issues of Countdown to get from the beginning to finish of the Lightning Saga and seeing all the other things that have happened in the meantime it sure doesn't seem like the JLA or the JSA were very concerned with finding the Legionnaires as the story from start to finish has taken quite some time and been interupted by all sorts of other stories. Hell, Superman even decided that stopping a simple bank robbery was more important than helping his friends.

How I wish the editors on Countdown started doing some actual editing.