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Subj: It's about how Pre-Crisis Superman worked....
Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2007 at 10:55:49 am EDT (Viewed 1 times)
Reply Subj: I hear you TJ
Posted: Wed Aug 15, 2007 at 08:40:19 am EDT

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> Tomar-Re, you may recall, was the GL from Krypton who had failed to save the doomed world. He was a great Lantern, having only really failed by that point once, in stopping Krypton's destruction. The reason he didn't know about Superman was that the Guardians probably kept that information from him intentionally, as we learned later, since they made a huge point of telling him that his failure gave birth to the universe's greatest hero when he retired from sector duty a few years later. He was the first of the GL Honor Guard. So he's not at all the kind of guy that couldn't take Superman. In fact, he's probably the Corps member who has the best shot... he'd took on Kryptonian criminals before!

But when was this background established? After 1970, when the story under discussion appeared? I knew TR from his appearances in 60's GL, i.e. #38 "Menace Of The Atomic Changeling". And I recalled GL in JLA #63 unable to stop the apparently rampaging Superman (radiating kryptonite waves never occurring to him). And there's still the inconsistency of Hal's planet-shattering beam bouncing of Kal with no effect, but Tomar's kryptonite shower (even on a tired Superman) getting it done. You wrote "as we learned later"--in what? When? Pre-1970 story? Please direct me to it, as I'd love to read it. But if all this Tomar background was produced after 1970, my response to this story seems perfectly valid.

His powers were, well, absolute as portrayed at the time, including his invulnerability. He might utter and "oof" or a "gasp" on rare occasions, but ostensibly he could. not. be. hurt.

Indeed, only two things could genuinely harm him: Kryptonite and magic. Anything else, no matter how objectively powerful, would so much as dent him. Planet-busting rays, ultra-nuclear bombs, black holes....nothing if it didn't have the words "Kryptonite" or "magic" in front of them.

Hal's beam? not Kryptonite, and not magic. And therefore, not harmful to Superman. Tomar-Re's "Kryptonite waves?" That hurts him. Seriously, a li'l feather coated in Kryptonite dust could cause him serious pain, and every H-bomb on Earth going off at once wouldn't tckle him a bit. That's the way it was then.

- Omar Karindu

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