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Subj: Re: My JLA12 comments... [SPOILERS]
Posted: Sun Aug 19, 2007 at 04:20:02 am EDT
Reply Subj: My JLA12 comments... [SPOILERS]
Posted: Sat Aug 18, 2007 at 04:09:50 pm EDT

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Liked last issue. Liked this issue #12 just as much. This was another great 'small' story. Admirable individual characterization of a large cast while the team action is gratuitously appearing in almost every other title lately. It's great to see the mundane of monitor duty - though you'd think the shifts'd be longer and at least every OTHER day to allow for all the private lives.

Shame they had to cut the poster in half for the cover but liked the abbreviated use of the different art style for the flashback.

Didn't care for the focus shifting panel by panel on the 2 discussions going on and the effect of the segue boxes to connect 'em that much. Flash already had a museum that early on? Mercy Reef significant in DCU, right? What the heck was the gist of that princess dialogue? WW? 'She went with superman'? But J'onn just said Batman. They think she's the last Amazon in this post-Countdown 52 worlds state? Am very glad they intentionally(?) acknowledge WW's founding status, again, so notably so soon.

The team:

J'onn: Mother-in-law problems \:\)
Kendra: Had a kid? Missed that story!
Red Arrow: Shows that a big bad DC villain is actually incarcerated.
Traya and Lian: I WANT A TEAM UP \:\)
Dinah: Loves GA's former sidekick in her own way and hey, she can play at her GA wedding ;\)
BL: Really liked his interacting with SG.
Vixen: Glad the powers thing is still primary focus of her/story.
Geo: Damn, that Slade is a curse on that family.
Big 3: Good(for inter-title logisitics) the the big 3 appear exempt from monitor duty.
Hal&Wally: Not sure what story they're talkingabout but they're be cliquing nicely.
The surprise 2 observers: identity was a nice revelation and appropriateldy presented in keeping with the first arcs.

> Big 3: Good(for inter-title logisitics) the the big 3 appear exempt from monitor duty.

That's one thing I didn't care for that I THINK Morrison started: Certain members are EXEMPT from Monitor Duty. I think it'd be good to show Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman on MD from time to time. It's a good way to have one of them open up the story, or even if the author wanted to keep that one character out of the action, while showing that hero is an actual member of the League.

Also, as I stated in a thread below, it'd be neat to see say, Green Lantern show up in the League's HQ (What IS it exactly now?), and Superman being on MD, offering his help with GL's case, and even being turned down. This could all be happening in GL's book! \:\)

Cameos in other heroes' books would go a long way to show just how cohesive and connected the DC Universe is! \:\)


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