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Now this is the Justice League I have been hoping to read.


The issue starts off with Hal Jordan trying to organize Oille's bachelor party and having to turn to Batman for help. This scene is comical.

Next the story moves to New York where Firstorm is doing battle with Killer Frost. He beats her but is ambushed by Lex Luthor, Joker and Cheetah and beating to a pulp. Lex then transports the group to their new HQ, which is the Hall of Doom from the old Superfriends cartoon.

There is a small scene where Hal asks John Stewart he be willing to share the Green Lantern spot in the JLA. Hal has other responsiblities and wants a GL in his spot on the team. John agrees to share the spot.

Batman finds out that Firestorm has ben admitted to the hospital. Batman and Red Arrow go to scene of his beating to do some CSI work. Meanwhile at Black Canary's bachelorette party Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl find out that Firestorm has been admitted to hospital. Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl proceed to hospital.

There is a cutscene with Lex explaining to the villians the purpose of the new Injustice Gang.In his words "What I'm interested in is the potential power of this gathering. Power that, if harnessed properly, will allow us to all but otherthrow the government and replace it with our proxies.We will create a new America. Where crime and corruption are accepted as a normal part of life">

Both groups are ambushed and beaten. Batman and Red Arrow get captured. Wonder Woman gets captured, Hawkgirl is able to escape due to the Injustice Gang letting her. She makes it back to Hall of Justice to warn team of the threat. The last page is a splash page of Superman saying "the party's over".

McDuffie did a great job starting out with a bang. The story was fast paced but had a lot of detail and a lot of potential.

I am definitely getting issue JLA 13.

Is Firestorm still Jason Rush?