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Subj: Re: JLA 13 was BEAUTIFUL... [SPOILERS]
Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2007 at 09:39:12 am EDT
Reply Subj: JLA 13 was BEAUTIFUL... [SPOILERS]
Posted: Sat Sep 29, 2007 at 10:25:01 pm EDT

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JLA 13:


Beautiful times 23. To be succinct. Beautiful. To be more succinct.

There were lots of notable story moments throughout but the art, inks, color and even lettering were eye candy 23 for all 23 pages. 24 if you count the wraparound as two. Sure, there's fair debate to be said for realistic plainer heroes looking good in a comic book but if you're in the mood for 'good looking', all the characters were in super-poser mode.

Some of the beautiful story moments included:

Bats' escape and recapture (with precendents making it believable).
Blaise Pascal quote (with its relevance on a kickass double splash title page).
GA cameo (lucky guy gets to look forward to what's at the end of BC's 'war story' *love*).
The battle plans (with the logic).
Superman's suggestion accepted (and the reason given later).
Logos in action.
Innocuous hairdo banter (followed up with hair raising action).
Not to repeat myself about the art -- I mentioned it was beautiful right? Well, Ivy's entrance was SO beautiful that you can imagine how the CCA censors overlooked the projectile vomitting and explosive diarrhea thing. ;\)
Superman/Vixen talk (and all Kal does for her).
"Bastard!!" (though the KRAKed neck probably hurt more).
The tooth! (By Zeus, the tooth!)
Final faceoff.

Okay, at this point most of the Justice League should be dead. Ain't gonna happen so I'll just sit back and enjoy the ride -- AND the beautiful good guys and bad guys!

I am in complete agreement with you about the writing....there was more action in this one issue of JLA than there has been in Meltzer's whole *year* of stories - and the best part is, no characterisation was sacrificed to do it. Perfect balance.

Things I really enjoyed:

*Batman is awesome, but not undefeatable. Bats has been pretty much omnipotent the past bunch of years, it's good to see him once again being written as someone who can easily stand on equal ground with the most powerful heroes on the planet but is still a human being.

*Superman and Vixen's scene: I intensely dislike this whole thing with Vixen at the moment where she's gone from copying animal abilities to leeching abilities from humans, but that scene said a lot about both Superman and Vixen without any wasted space.

*Poison Ivy taking down Green Lantern....I like when the more subtle powers get to be as effective as the planet-movers..

I am very much looking forward to seeing how the JLA get out of this one - this is what a superhero comic book SHOULD be.

The art though....maybe I was spoiled by the beautifully rendered Wedding Special, but going from that to this was really jarring. It reminded me of early Image, and I really really dislike that so many artists draw Black Canary as if she were being played by Jenna Jamieson. Dinah should look sexy and athletic, not sexy and inflatable....having said that though, the art is presentable, it's just not a style I appreciate. So big thumbs up for JLA...I'm glad I forced myself to pick it up again after Meltzer's run left me so thoroughly bored with it.