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Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2008 at 11:54:40 pm CDT
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Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2008 at 12:03:47 am CDT

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> Feel free to email me off list if you don't want to clog things up, because I is severely confused.

> After Infinite Crisis and PG regaining her memories of pre-crisis E2, and all that, is New Earth supposed to be the continuation of E1 pre-COIE?

No, it is not. The period bewteen COIE and Zero Hour is no longer historically accurate in New Earth History. DC will keep whatever of that period they want, and throw out whatever of that period they want. Although New Earth has many of the aspects of Earth-1, (such as the inclusion of Wonder Woman as a founding member of the JLA), it is not pre-COIE Earth 1. For example, consider that the JSA still existed on New Earth during WWII.

At this point, we cannot try to identify what happened in the new history and what did not. It's too early, and even the DC PTB don't know for sure.

Don't get confused by the NEW Earth-2 as seen at the end of 52, either. The JSA seen on that Earth is an alternate version of our own. However, it may very well be that that is now where the ORIGINAL Earth-2 Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman fit into continuity, and where Power Girl comes from.

(And, if DC is smart, instead of letting their great new Aquaman go to waste, the new Earth-2 is where they'll send him.)

> Because I took it to be that by restoring WW as a founding member (which totally screws with Legends history now), it was supposed to make all the previous league history valid again? So do the majority of the superheroes now also remember the actual first Crisis and what was lost? Did the League and the JSA still team up, even though they were from seperate worlds? Did PG still have a little fling thing going on with Firestorm? How did she deal with his death, or did it not matter? Oh, wait, I forgot, we talking about PG here, little miss I can cope with anything thrown at me, which I found to be a little distasteful. Sigh, I''m just lost. Darn DC for screwing up my carefully crafted walls of understanding by bringing back the multiverse...all 52 of them. Snort. Any help would be appreciated.

And that's where DC really f'd it up for me with IC. I felt the inclusion of the E2 WW was just for fans, because it was pointless to me. And I would love to see it retconned out to be Circe giving Diana a lift while taking the time to say "B*tch!". It beats "The Gods saved me before they faded away to become the new Gods who kept me in reserve for this moment in time that they knew but didn't know was coming so I could play cosmic taxi to you and then fade into nothingness after calling you a humanless butt munchie." Not buying it.

As far as I'm concerned, this new Multiverse can go back to the void also. It's not needed, and from what I'm gathering from a lot of sites, not wanted. And youhit the nail on the head for a lot of people...the idea was executed without a lot of thought put into it. TPTB don't even know what to do with it. This was a small issue at the end of the original Crisis...but even then it was a little better planned out.

I guess in my head, with Man Of Steel, it was almost like DC just decided to go with what we would currently call an Alternate Universe...We did away with the Multiverse, and basically restarted the whole universe. A (semi)coherant timeline was established. No, not everyting fit in, and some stuff didn't make sense, but over time, not a lot of thought was overly given to it. We just went on and learn to accept that what was was simply that...was. Given enought time, most of it got swept under the rug and stayed there. Even now, with PG, I can accept that she knows the truth of her origins, and for whatever reason, she's on this Earth, and it is what it is. Handled properly, it doesn't really create a big scene. For all intents and purposes, she's semi-related to this Superman, and to this Supergirl, and it becomes a non-issue. OK, for all intents and purposes, she should be stronger than this Superman, but again, it really is a non issue. She just becomes a plus in a way because she can be Superman's "secret weapon" if and when he has to deal with Kryptonite. Given the story's direction, it gives her more of a chance to shine.

To be brutally honest, I don't want PG to have any real "other earth" connections. It's what makes her unique, and adds to why she is who she is.

I guess it just comes down to DC now once again throwing things at us that make us have to really sit down and examine the histories of their characters. Before IC, I could read stories from the Satellite years and say, cool. It was what it was. When I think of Post-COIE JL, I think JLA/JLE, JLA, and now. I "know" the history, and to be honest, it didn't hurt me at all to knock WW out of the original equation because in my head, Perez dealt with her new origins so completely there was no real put off in my head. And let's be honest...just how important was WW to JLA history to begin with? With my limited history knowledge of the JLA, I see nothing that she did that Black Canary couldn't have done. And also for me, it strengthens my belief that yes, it IS BC's time to run the JLA.

I'm not trying to overly complain, I just feel like DC really crapped out on this, and it's just caused confusion to the point that as a reader, I can SEE the confusion and it's affecting the stories. At this point, I'd rather DC just say hey look, we kinda got ourselves into a K hole here, and we just gonna take a month or two off to kinda get it back on track, have a two month period of one shot stories or some kind of decent filler, and then go from there with heads on straight. Right now, they just making the hole deeper and wider and we all falling into it. Marvel is in the same boat.

Sometimes you just got to stop and say ok, this is where we have been this is where we need to be. Create a definitive starting point and go from there, with EVERYONE on the same page. One Year Later was a convoluted mess. Some books did fine with it, others tried to go back and explain the missing year thru a years worth of stories, and right now, I'm so confused with a lot of my fave books that I stopped buying. As much of a pain as it would ahve been for some, I think at that point every book that did 1YL should have done an annual or special to deal with the missing year. Or at least just devoted a few pages to it and then sequed into where they wanted to be, and gone from there. Supergirl and Supergirl and the Legion were not a good combo. WW still feels like she's trying to catch up on that missing year, Teen Titans went too out of the way trying to deal with it, Outsiders pretty much just ignored it, said here we are, deal, and went on. It got dropped immediately. Etc, etc. The DCU lost me in the shuffle, and I've yet to refind my place in it. JLA has kept my reading interest, thank god, but it also has me thinking about things and causing me grief. Partly my fault for being so overly-analytical. Sigh. But I have hope...kinda. Once we get thru the so-called Final Crisis (The final let-downnn.....) I'm hoping DC can and will take the time to reconfigure and refocus in a way that still moves forward without losing me. Heck, I had an easier time dealing with the original Multiverse than with this 52 crapfest. I mean, I so don't get this whole Monitors thing (I definately get the Anti-Monitor looking one...he's hot!). So, I will give it time (not money tho!).

I look forward to this E2 annual thing with PG, but I dread it too because of the potential can of worms it opens...

Also, I think part of what brnigs me to JLA is the art. It's got to be one of the better books out there artistically for me now. \:\)

OK, I'll shut up for now and go back to trying to expand my knowledge and understanding of the new DCU(s)

Have a good one.

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