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Subj: A Specialist-Based Justice League, more in keeping with Knights of the Round Table
Posted: Tue Jun 10, 2008 at 12:13:15 pm EDT (Viewed 1 times)
Reply Subj: Opinions Wanted!
Posted: Mon Jun 09, 2008 at 09:53:43 am EDT

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Do you like the idea of the JLA being an all-encompassing army, or would you rather it be the elite of superheroes, with those who've proven themselves?

Should ANY writer be able to come up with a brand-new character with the idea of having him/her join the League?

I feel the League should only have those who've proven themselves over the years, such as the heroes up until the Satellite Era had done. I always felt the Detroit League was a mistake, letting several unknowns join the League.

The League CAN be the size of an army, but only a limited number should be written into a case/storyline with any writer. I'd like the number of active Leagers limited to 12-15 members, at MOST. If a hero dies, let his/her slot remain open, unless a legacy character should come forward (Flash, Green Lantern, etc.)

I don't really want to see Arsenal in the League (Green Arrow's still alive!), nor do I want to see the original heroes retired so new blood can take their place(s).

I want the League to be formed of the "gods" of the DC Universe. If the writer wants to introduce a new character in the book, fine! LET the new character be introduced, then written OUT of the book when that particular story is over. They can come back once every three years or so. Any new hero can be made into an Honorary Member, but let standing Honoraries serve before said new hero comes back.

Heroes I DON'T want in the League:

Black Lightning (honorary membership is okay)
Heroes created in the book (let them be established, and in a few years we'll talk.) \:\)



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> Do you like the idea of the JLA being an all-encompassing army, or would you rather it be the elite of superheroes, with those who've proven themselves?

I always liked the "Knight" aspect of the Justice League. The JL should be the Top Gun of Superheroes...the people you would contact when the world is going to be destroyed and you need the best people with powers and intelligence to deal with that threat (sort of like the Seven Soldiers, who were the best at each weapon they used). My ideal would be a 12-member roster with a 13th member who will be put in on a rotating basis from either past members or members who would like to be there in the future.

My team would be more "specialist" based and "Knighthood-like" in appearance:

Nightwing - Best Team Leader
Flash - The Best Speedster
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) - Best Space Cop
Steel - Best Weaponsmith/Technical Person
Red Arrow - Best Marksman
Mr. Terrific - Best Tactician
Supergirl- Best Strongwoman (she is stronger and more powerful than Superman)
Troia - Best Warrior Woman (she is wonder woman's equal AND blessed by the Titans with power)
Zatanna - Best Sorceress/Connection to Nature
Captain Atom - Best Connection to the Quantum Field and Super Soldier
Blue Starman - Best Alien Warrior with contacts throughout space
0Vixen - Best connection to the Animal Kingdom

Plus a rotating 13th member (like Rip Hunter or Adam Strange or The Atom) who are specialists in their field. If you wanted to supplement or take out a character, you have to replace them with someone of greater or equal value, power-wise in the pantheon of heroes.

I kind of like this setup, because it has a "new trinity", but it also sets up different dynamics for each member. It keeps the idea of the Justice League as a specialist group, sort of like a "Bones" or "House" group of specialists working in the field, but it also gives us a group of powerhouses that are distinct enough from one another, power-wise, so that we don't have repetition.

- l.k.

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