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> JLA 23
> http://www.dccomics.com/dcu/comics/?cm=9735
> http://www.comixology.com/sku/MAY080199/Justice-League-of-America-23
> > This issue was great.
> And the art! Sorry, still really liking the art. It looks like a lot of effort and it seems to pay off...

Yeah I never get the complaints about the art. I think Benes is fantastic and in fact ever since I saw him draw of the JLA in an issue of Superman I was praying for him to come on this title.

> > Other than his last two issues I haven't been feeling McDuffie's work, but ever since his FC lead in the stories have been getting better.
> >
> > In this issue we see Amazo on the loose and basically tearing through the JLA. I won't go into much detail (emerick does that so much better than I do),
> Heh! Thanks for that, spiderprince!

lol no problem

> > but we see lots of really smart fighting on both the heroes behalf and Amazo's behalf. Plus the mystery of what's happening with Vixen deepens. I'm looking forward to the next issue.
> Agreed!
> And here's some character by character reactions...
> s
> p
> o
> i
> l
> e
> r
> s
> Amazo: Great team-buster villain. Lives up to his cred here. Unfortunately, editorial mandate is (most likely) JLA cant die (maybe we'll get one this time?) so them surviving not one but multiple otherwise DEADLY attacks is more frustrating than cliche. Solid issue of fighting.

It can be a bit cliche, but if its written properly enough I think it can work. This issue gave me some faith in McDuffie so I'm willing to wait and see how it all turns out.

> Black Canary: Just there. Well, at least just issue highlights her compassionate side a bit. Still havent seen her earn her chairwomanship seat yet.

Was nice to see that she's not a total &*^#. I like her tough, but compassionate attitude, I think it shows some good leadership right there.

> Zatana: Remind me who Anansi this uhm spider-man is? Never liked her do-anything powers but she always looks great doing anything. At least here, it somewhat tries to show she has limits and cant practically take on any villain by herself - though she'e look great trying. ;\-\) She has a fine showing here.

If there's anyone who needs limits/more definition its Zatanna. Normally I don't like her (cept to look at) but I think she was used nicely here.

Plus I always get a kick out of reading her backwards spellcasting.

> Vixen: Interesting Animal Man tie in. Anyone already aware of this? Predicted this threat was headed to her showdown with Amazo but am interested and now blind to where it will go. (Hopefully, it's not as simple as Batman pushing Amazo thru the Slideways door.)

Yeah I liked that they showed Buddy. Shows the connection between their powers.

> Steel: Decent cameo. Nice plot device to showcase Batman's mystique.


> Batman: He's Batman.

Yes. Yes he is.
> Superman: Pawned again. At least, nice plot device to showcase... Firestorm actually.


> Firestorm: Ha! Where Superman shows FS's strengths neatly, Amazo shows FS's kryptonite neatly. Still not familiar with the new hosts but this is a good way to show some focus.

Was a bit confused about how Amazo was able to pull that off, but if he does have access to Firestorms powers I can he can take do that. I've been liking Firestorm so I'm hoping we see him pull himself together an get back in the fight.

> Black Lightning: Just there. Might look for scan to add to the OMB.

Well he did throw in a nice save for Kendra.

> Kendra: Just there. At least she got to deliver the best line: "I promise he's through." \:D

Hopefully she delivers on that promise next ish.

> Arsenal: At least they didnt play the Relationship Card. It was nice him following Diana's orders without specifically saying out loud, "Waah, but I'm more worried about Kendra."

I was hoping he'd have a stronger showing. I know he's just a guy with arrows, but still....

> Wonder Woman: Just there. "X amount of time." Is a much quicker reply than the lame excuse she gave Jeff. All defense and no offense is completely different tactic from Trinity vs Konvict.

Eh, I gave up on Trinity. Was not doing it for me.
> Green Lantern: Forgot about him 'til he showed. Too many heavy hitters to believe they should lose this issue - with no casualties for sure at this point. Hal shouldve been experienced as Clark to know to take care of the civilians first.

He just likes to blow apart things too much to worry bout little things like civilians lol jk
> FLASH: Wow, Wally continues to shine in this title! Awesome heroics. Enjoyed how his powers were handled here. Thought Speed Force was gone though. Also, this seems all for naught with the Flash Rebirth rumors...

He definitely had the best showing imo this issue. I'm reminded why I like Wally so much.

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