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Subj: Re: Did anyone getthe new DVD for Crisis?
Posted: Sat Feb 27, 2010 at 10:57:18 am EST (Viewed 25 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Did anyone getthe new DVD for Crisis?
Posted: Sat Feb 27, 2010 at 03:38:47 am EST (Viewed 468 times)

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    I thought this was very entertaining. Great animation. What I was bothered by was Batman losing in fights to his alternate Owlman and Flash basically being a huge goof the whole DVD. His alternate is faster than him? So why was he winning in the fight? I guess they couldn't kill Flash in this movie like they did in the comics.

I thought it was awesome as well! Best animated movie yet, next to Planet Hulk of course \:\-\) And nah Flash wasn't slower than Johnny, Batman just told him that he was b/c he knew what the effects of keeping the gateway open would have on both of them. He did what any of us would have done, pick Wally over Johnny. I liked how they didn't just have the cliche ending of good guys beating up bad guys also.

    I still think it's funny seeing interviews with Judd Nelson and thinking back to Real WOrld days with him and Puck. Those were the days when Real World did not have hot tubs and was more of a social experiment. WOW 1994 16 years ago!

When I think of Judd Nelson, I think of John Bender cracking jokes in the Breakfast Club, not the Real World. I'm just kiddin ya, I know ya meant Judd Winick. ;\-\)

My bad...why would I think Judd Nelson? To me he was just Judd with his wife Pam.

Planet Hulk provided alot of action. My problem is what's up with the Hulk movies. I mean can we get a Captain America movie? Is Spiderman tied up with Sony so they can't make a good Spiderman animation movie? Just the same Hulk movies. Oh and Hulk vs was terrible. He squashed Thor and all of Asgard. I am tired of seeing Thor not look like the Thor we all know.