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Subj: Re: Did anyone getthe new DVD for Crisis?
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I hated it because Batman without Kevin Conroy's voice is just not Batman. Can Superman ever win a fight under Bruce Timm? Always, always get's the snaft as Wonder Woman or a girl always comes out on top. I get it, I get it, a girl is just as good as any guy... I was bothered by Batman getting his butt kicked, I would have liked a draw but you must remember he did have a broken rib so he wasn't full strength.

Planet Hulk was okay. I think Hulk vs was better.

Yeah I am bothered by the fact that Superman always gets down played in these animations. Everyone seemed to be winning against their counterpart except for Superman. Batman was losing to Owlman, but like you said he was also fighting with a broken rib and I'm sure he was still hurtin from the hits that Superwoman laid on him earlier in the movie. All in all I enjoyed it, but I guess no animation will ever get a perfect 10 from me, not even Planet Hulk. Batman w/o Kevin Conroy's voice didn't bother me too much, but I agree Kevin Conroy is THE voice for animated Batman. I wish in the end it didn't all come down to Batman, but thats b/c I prefer Supes, Flash, WW, and Martian Manhunter over Bats. I still like Bats, but I'm one of those that thinks he doesn't belong w/the JLA big guns on the front lines. He's obviously there b/c of his intelligence, but instead of having J'onn in the Watchtower, thats where Bruce should be.

As for Hulk vs. I enjoyed it as well and as a Hulk fan I'm pulling for my big green buddy no matter what, but it was still hard not to root for Thor in that one.