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Subj: Just picked it up this week-end
Posted: Mon Mar 08, 2010 at 03:35:35 pm EST (Viewed 351 times)
Reply Subj: Did anyone getthe new DVD for Crisis?
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I thought this was very entertaining. Great animation. What I was bothered by was Batman losing in fights to his alternate Owlman and Flash basically being a huge goof the whole DVD. His alternate is faster than him? So why was he winning in the fight? I guess they couldn't kill Flash in this movie like they did in the comics.

I still think it's funny seeing interviews with Judd Nelson and thinking back to Real WOrld days with him and Puck. Those were the days when Real World did not have hot tubs and was more of a social experiment. WOW 1994 16 years ago!

On the whole I enjoyed the movie, though if I had to nitpick...

- I actually found it refreshing that Batman wasn't portrayed as unbeatable. I thought the voice acting for Bats was pretty poor (I'm a Conroy fan but others have done the job well as well), it just didn't feel like Batman. I could understand why he had to tie Owlman to the bomb, but knowingly switching out his friend for Johnny Quick was cold. I expected the rest of the JLA to react to that and they pretty much let it slide.

- Owlman's motivation for destroying the multiverse felt forced to me. Maybe I'm comparing him to comic book appearances too much, but going from a crimelord on his Earth to attempting to destroy the multiverse just to try and prove his free will was a bit much; Superwoman going along with it made even less sense.

- I assume that the Flash was Barry, so why did he act like Wally the entire time? I think the movie would have had a much more powerful ending if Barry had sacrificed himself like Johnny Quick did; it's a stand-alone movie, it has no effect on any other continuity, why can't the hero of one of the film's inspirations (Crisis on Infinite Earths) die?

- Why did they send Batman to stop Owlman? If there was ever a job for Superman, this was it.

Now, like I said, that's nitpicking. I really enjoyed:

- The Captain Marvel family as the CSA's top leg breakers; at first I wasn't sure it was them until I saw Uncle Dudley!

- The action was really well done.

- I liked that the characters had different voice actors than their counterparts, it helped separate them as different characters and not just a dark mirror image.

- Gina Torres was a great Superwoman.

- There was a nice blend of plot and action; sometimes these films are all action and the plot suffers, but there was a good amount devoted to each.

- The animation style was excellent.

I enjoyed the movie more than I did Planet Hulk; probably because this was a sort-of original plot whereas Planet Hulk couldn't possibly cram in all the great stuff from the source material (though the Thor and Beta Ray Bill stuff in that film was excellent).