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Subj: Re: JLA 43: I give up **SPOILERS**
Posted: Fri Apr 02, 2010 at 05:36:38 pm EDT (Viewed 16 times)
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I did not buy Cry For Justice, and from what I have seen on sites like Scans Daily I am glad I did not. It was a poorly executed concept and...









Them crippling Roy and killing his daughter, then turning Green Arrow into a murderer were all horrible creative choices.

I decided to purchase JLA again after a long hiatus because it promised a fresh start, a new beginning.

All I have gotten, though, is James Robinson immersing me in the Cry For Justice fallout. We get a new line up, then he proceeds to remove it. It was a bait and switch. Were you buying it because Green Lantern was in it? Psych! Are you a Teen Titans fan, 'cause we have several Titans as Leaguers. Fooled you, two have left.

I don't mind new characters; if a Star Man from the seventies and Congorilla are new members, fine. Donna Troy standing for Wonder Woman and Dick for the original Batman, all well and good. But don't sell me one thing and then screw me over, especially when I am constantly bombarded with references to things I did not buy.

This is one of the reasons I quit buying McDuffie's Justice League, because early on they were using JLA to sell Salvation Run, among other things. Justice League was not always like this. Years ago you could read the comic without having to buy the rest of the DC library to figure out what was going on.

So no thanks, Robinson, Didio. I refuse to support a comic that is still trying to sell me a world where Lian is dead, Roy is dismembered and Green Arrow is a murderer. Screw you.

I just finished issue #43 and I'm feeling pretty damn let-down at this point.

Personally, I really don't mind the route they are taking with Green Arrow. I'm really not that attached to him, so I don't mind such a bold and controversial new direction for him. Personally, I think it would make sense for GA to be one hero that would possibly cross that line when pushed to extreme ends when it came to family.

One of the things that bothers me is the "bait-and-switch" mentioned by katefan. It just seems ridiculous to promote this new direction for the JLA with all of the promo depicting the lineup, and then mess with the fans by having most of them leave.

Honestly, I think what is REALLY bothering me about the last 3 issues is just how sloppy and "thrown together" it all seems. It truly feels like a mess reading it. I don't care for the multiple internal narratives all shuffled around at the same time, juxtaposed against art that can't seem to "catch up" to the tempo of the story and the action sequences with so many characters. It just seems chaotic to me for some reason, and the pacing is ridiculously fast.

If Batman, Troia, Starman and Congorilla are truly the core members of the team with a rotating cast, you can count me out.

Next issue has to redeem itself after 3 issues of slop.
If it doesn't, I'm out for the first time in this 44 issue run.